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Meeting Date: 09/07/2021  
Recommended by: Kevin Louis Prepared by: Chris Lawson, Streets Supervisor
Finance Director Review: Angele Ozoemelam  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 08/11/2021
Type of Action Requested: Resolution

Request Authorization to purchase a 2021 Hardline LP301 Remote Controlled Skid Steer Loader
Staff recommends the Mayor and City Council authorize the City Manager to execute a purchase agreement with Bingham Equipment Company in an amount not to exceed $121,938 for the purchase of a new Hardline LP301 Remote Controlled Skid Steer Loader.
The Streets Division currently maintains a number of drainage structure types throughout the City. Included in that inventory are approximately thirty-five concrete box culverts that we maintain.  In the past, street crews have taken different approaches when clearing these box culverts of silt and sand build-up that block the pathways of stormwater flows. These methods include shoveling by hand, homemade draglines, and applying high-pressure water spray systems. These methods have been time-consuming, labor intensive, and increases our employee’s exposure to injuries.  Based on a study in 2014 by the Ohio Department of Transportation report titled “Evaluation of Box Culvert Maintenance Methods”, the use of remote-controlled skid steer loaders to clean box culverts will greatly reduce labor costs and increase efficiency as well as provide a safer work environment for our employees.
The Hardline LP301remote controlled skid steer loader was selected because it is built from the Bobcat S70 Skid Steer platform that has a higher productivity rate, proven reliability and parts are readily available locally. Bingham Equipment Company is a local authorized vendor for Hardline located in Casa Grande that will provide the base skid steer platform for the conversion through Hardline.
Purchase of this equipment is proposed to be made through cooperative use of the Arizona State Contract #ADSP018-202735.
The costs associated with this purchase are:
Sale Price                                                                                            $111,664
Sale Tax (9.2%)                                                                                  $  10,274
Total Purchase Cost:                                                                       $ 121,938
Funding for this purchase is available in the FY2022 budget in the following account for Machinery & Equipment:
201-21-201-100-8401-22064 with $169,000 budgeted for project #PW036
Deny or modify request.
Res. 5336
Contract Extension
Amendment to 2021 pricing
Bridging Agreement



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