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Meeting Date: 09/07/2021  
Recommended by: Steve Hardesty
Prepared by: Steve Hardesty, Community Services Director
Finance Director Review: Angele Ozoemelam  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 07/23/2021
Type of Action Requested: Resolution

Request for the City Council to approve a contract for parking lot repair in various parks.
Staff recommends the Mayor and City Council authorize an agreement with Cactus Asphalt of Tolleson, Arizona in an amount not to exceed $113,749.63 for the maintenance and repair of parking lots at the Little League complex, Burruss Park, Rancho Grande Park, Len Colla, and the older sections of Carr McNatt Park.  Staff is requesting budget authority of an additional $11,000 which would provide a 10% contingency for unknown issues during the project.  The total budget authority requested is $124,749.63.
Staff is requesting authorization to contract for this project using an existing Pinal County Job Order Contract No. 175923. The City has contracted with Cactus Asphalt in the past and is pleased with the work they have done for the City.  

Until last year, routine maintenance of the asphalt parking lots in the City's parks had been deferred.  The largest parks at Dave White, Paul Mason, and Villago were targeted for maintenance and repairs in FY20-21.  This project will focus on small parking lots within the park's inventory including the Little League complex, Burruss Park, Rancho Grande Park, Len Colla, and the older sections of Carr McNatt Park.  Public works staff assisted Community Servies with these assessments and recommendations.

Without regular maintenance, water, sun, and traffic will cause asphalt to erode.  All of the parking areas were properly constructed with a solid foundation, but regular care and attention will allow these assets to have a longer life.  Routinely repaired and sealing cracks will extend these parking lots useful life.

The repairs and maintenance of these various parking lots will include removal and replacing the worst spots, crack sealing, and seal coating the entire parking lot.  Several products including Crack Mastic and Liquid Road will be used in the worst areas.  These products help fill larger cracks and are used on asphalt with greater damage. 

This item is being approved as a Resolution because it was included in the City's Capital Improvement Project Ordinance approved by Council on August 2nd.
This project was previously approved in the FY2022 CIP budget process.  The project was budgeted for $150,000.  The JOC contract pricing for all areas is $113,749.63 plus an additional $11,000 of City controlled contingency for a total of $124,749.63 budget authority.  
1. Deny the purchase and task staff with further direction.
2. Authorize the purchase for any of these parks separately.
3. Postpone any pavement preservation at this time.
Res. 5334
Summary of Cost
Offer and Acceptance
Extension on contract
Burrus Park Proposal
Burrus Pprk Backup Document
Burrus Park Additional Backup
Carr McNatt Proposal
Carr McNatt Backup
Carr McNatt Additional Backup
Len Colla Proposal
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Little League Proposal
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Rancho Grande Proposal
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