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Meeting Date: 05/04/2017  
Submitted By: Jim Gagliardi, Planning & Development

DSA-17-00009 – Request by WLB Group on behalf of Palm Creek Holdings, LLC for the following land use approval at Palm Creek RV   Resort at 1110 N Henness Rd.:
a. Major Amendment to a Major Site Plan/Final Development Plan for the layout of spaces for Phase 3B and 3C to include 270 spaces for   village homes and recreational vehicles,  a new dog park, green belt, and recreation center in addition to modifications to existing buildings within the site (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Condition and Technical Modifications
Palm Creek a resort for RV's, Park Models, and Manufactured Homes, is completing its last phase, with 270 spaces for RV's and Manufactured Homes (Village Homes).  The layout associated with this, coupled with a few proposed building additions elsewhere within the development constitutes a Major Amendment to the Major Site Plan associated with the Palm Creek Planned Area Development .  The details of the amendment are further provided within the Staff Report, Exhibit A.  The proposed Major Site Plan is Exhibit B.  Exhibit C is an illustrative plan for Phase 3B and 3C.  Exhibit D is a conceptual landscape plan.   
Staff recommends approval of the DSA-17-00009, subject to a condition and technical modifications discussed within the Staff Report (Exhibit A). 
Exhibit A - Staff Report DSA-17-00009
Exhibit B- Amended Major Site Plan
Exhibit C - Phase 3 illustrative plan
Exhibit D - landscape plan


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