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Meeting Date: 04/05/2021  
Recommended by: Paul Tice Prepared by: Joseph Horn, Planner
Finance Director Review: Angele Ozoemelam  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 03/05/2021
Type of Action Requested: Resolution, Ordinance

This request is for the approval of TWO items related to the Illinois-Ethington annexation of +/- 1062 acres generally located south of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway between Burris and Bianco:
  1.  The approval of the Infrastructure and Services Plan associated with the annexation, and, if that is approved;
  2. The approval of the annexation and initial zoning of Urban Ranch (UR)  
It is recommended that the Mayor and City Council approve: 
  1. A Resolution adopting an Infrastructure and Services Plan for the +/- 1062 acres generally located south of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway between Burris and Bianco: (See Attachment). 
  2. An Ordinance approving the annexation and initial City zoning of UR.  
A map of the Annexation area, can be found at Attachment 1.  

Infrastructure and Services Plan 
ARS-9-471.O requires that a city annexing an area shall have an approved plan, policy, or procedure to provide the annexed territory with the appropriate levels of infrastructure and services to serve the anticipated new development  Said plan has been prepared by staff and is attached for the Council's review and approval, Attachment 2.  

On 3/1/21, a Public Hearing before City Council regarding this proposed annexation was held in accordance with the requirement in ARS 9-471.A.  That public hearing is to take place within the last ten days of the thirty-day wait period that begins with the filing of the blank annexation petition.  The petition was successfully filed on February 4, 2021 and the thirty-day wait period was considered over on March 6, 2021, with the public hearing having taken place within the last ten days of this thirty-day period.   No objections were raised regarding the annexation at the public hearing.  In accordance with the statute, after this 30-day period, petition signatures can then be obtained from the necessary majority of owners of the land proposed for annexation.  The annexation must obtain the signatures of owners representing over 50% of the property owners and over 50% of the property value, by the Council hearing date.  This signed petition was recorded on March 23, 2021.  

Now that these steps have occurred, City Council can consider, by Resolution, the adoption of the Infrastructure and Services Plan; and, by Ordinance, the annexation and the initial City zoning designation. 

Initial Zoning Designation
ARS 9-471.L requires that a city annexing an area adopt a zoning classification that permits densities and uses no greater than those permitted by the county immediately before the annexation. To comply with this requirement, staff is proposing that the annexed property be initially zoned as Urban Ranch (UR) in conjunction with the annexation. Urban Ranch is the Casa Grande zone district that is the most equivalent in terms of uses and density to the existing General Rural (GR) Pinal County zoning for the property.  A companion hearing item will be a request for a zone change from Urban Ranch (UR) to General Industrial (I-2).    
A Fiscal Impact Analysis has not been prepared due to the fact that it is not a statutory requirement for annexation.  Significant arterial roadway (Burris, Ethington and Bianco) as well as wastewater infrastructure construction will be required to service the industrial development that is anticipated within the annexation area.  The cost of this public infrastructure will be borne by the development that occurs on the property in accordance with current city code requirements unless modified by a City Council approved Development Agreement. 

The future industrial development of this property will generate both impact fee and construction sales tax revenue as well as result in the creation of quality manufacturing jobs.
Infrastructure and Services Plan
1.  Approve the request. 
2.  Deny the Infrastructure and Services Plan. 
3.  Table the request. 

Annexation and Initial Zoning
1.  Approve the request.
2.  Deny the annexation and initial zoning.
3.  Table the request.
Res. 5291
Ord. 3259
Annexation Exhibit
Infrastructure and Service Plan
Signed Petition
Blank Annexation Petition



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