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Meeting Date: 04/05/2021  
Recommended by: Mark McCrory Prepared by: Brian Ramirez, Police Lieutenant
Finance Director Review: Angele Ozoemelam  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 03/04/2021
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Request for authorization to accept grant funding from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the amount of $131,199.15.
Staff recommends the Mayor and City Council authorize acceptance of grant funding from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the amount of $131,199.15, and to execute all grant and contract documents, disburse funds, and perform necessary budget transfers.
In November 2020, Arizona voters approved the Smart and Safe Arizona Act. As a result, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety received funding and has made $131,199.15 available to the Casa Grande Police Department to purchase equipment, attend training, and fund professional services for the purposes of reducing impaired driving and traffic enforcement.
The police department will use the funding to purchase one (1) police vehicle, two (2) drones to include software, licensing & training, traffic collision training, and phlebotomy services for blood draws on suspected impaired drivers.
The police vehicle will be an addition to the fleet for maintenance purposes only. Once it reaches its end of life the police department will not ask for a replacement. This vehicle will be used for traffic enforcement which will reduce the amount of wear and tear on regular fleet vehicles that otherwise would be used.
The drones will serve two different purposes. One will be used by the department's Critical Accident Investigation Team to map out and assist in reconstructing collision scenes. The second drone will be used to assist officers in the enforcement of traffic laws. For example: preplanned traffic enforcement operations in areas of the city known for drag racing, observation of roadways in response to citizen complaints, following racing or speeding vehicles to their destination, following suspect vehicles during pursuits, following suspects fleeing from a vehicle after committing traffic offenses, and off-road vehicle enforcement. While both drones will primarily be deployed for traffic-related issues, they could be used in circumstances involving missing children and vulnerable adults.  
Council Focus Areas
Fiscal Responsibility – The Casa Grande Police Department is fully aware that budgets are tight and alternate funding sources should be sought out to fund projects such as this. With that in mind, staff is continuously looking for ways to partner with other like-minded agencies that can share the costs both in salary and through the purchase of equipment and training needed to fulfill the stated goals.
Quality of Life –
The Casa Grande Police Department is committed to the continuous effort of reducing traffic collisions, removing impaired drivers from our roadways, encouraging proper driving habits, and increasing the public’s awareness of the dangers of impaired driving. The non-matching grant funds will contribute to the city’s efforts of improving the quality of life for its citizens and visitors.
There are no matching funds required for this grant.  
Do not accept the grant funding.
Ord. 3254
Grant Proposal



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