City Council Regular Meeting - Includes Action Taken


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Meeting Date: 04/05/2021  
Recommended by: Dyani Juarez Prepared by: Dyani Juarez, City Judge
Finance Director Review: Angele Ozoemelam  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 02/25/2021
Type of Action Requested: Resolution

Appointment of Deputy City Magistrates
Staff recommends that Mayor and Council appoint Sherwood Johnston, III and Albert Valtierra to serve as Deputy City Magistrates with a term to expire on December 31, 2022. 
This request is to ensure adequate coverage of the court's conflict cases and does not seek to hire additional Deputy City Magistrates. 

When the Court has a conflict case or a case that has the potential for an appearance of impropriety, another judge is assigned to hear the case. Historically, the Casa Grande City Court has appointed Pro Tem Judges from Pinal County's Justice of the Peace Pro Tem list. However, over the past several years, that list has become shorter and shorter. There are a total of 16 judges listed on the 2021 list. Most of these individuals are either employed full-time at a court or assigned to serve on a regular basis at their appointing justice of the peace court. Therefore, the Pro Tem Judges listed on Pinal County's Pro Tem Justice of the Peace list are not available to hear conflict cases from other jurisdictions.

Staff have been in contact with Sherwood Johnston III and Albert Valtierra; they are willing to accept an appointment to preside over a  Casa Grande City Court case, should a conflict arise. Both are perfect candidates as they do not have ties to the community, have bench experience, and can ensure that a case is adjudicated fairly and impartially as well as avoid any appearances of impropriety.
NONE: The Court's budget includes the use of Deputy City Magistrates in the event of a conflict case. 
Approve the request to appoint Sherwood Johnston, III and Albert Valtierra as Deputy City Magistrates with a term to expire on December 31, 2022.
Deny the request to appoint Sherwood Johnston, III and Albert Valtierra as Deputy City Magistrates.
Resolution - not used



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