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  Consent Calendar   5.B.       
City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/26/2015  

Agenda Item:
Motion approving City of North Mankato and Mankato Joint Resolution regarding operations of Public Access, Education, and Government Cable Services.
Approve Joint Resolution
In 1981, both North Mankato and Mankato were granted public, education, and government access to cable television.  In 2014, both cities jointly entered into an agreement with Bethany Lutheran College for the provision of public access, education, and government cable services.  The purpose of the resolution is to outline the relationship between the two cities. The City of North Mankato passed the resolution on May 18, 2015. 
  • Station name:  The public and government access channels for the cities of North Mankato and Mankato are hereby renamed KTV (previously CCTV).  An invitation to the public to assist in naming the station was conducted jointly by the cities of North Mankato and Mankato.
  • KTV will establish an advisory committee which will oversee operations and handle all programming disputes in accordance. This committee shall be made up of seven members. Four members shall be solicited from the communities of North Mankato and Mankato, one representative from each city, and one representative from Bethany Lutheran College. The City of Mankato Staff liaison to the committee will be Shelly Schulz, Public Information/Customer Service Director.
  • Each city is responsible for the contractual payment to Bethany Lutheran College.  Funding for KTV will be paid by each city directly to KTV upon receipt of an invoice.  Payment share shall be calculated on a per capita funding model based on the State Demographer’s previous year municipality population estimate. Each city is responsible for appropriate funds and budget within their respective budget.
  •  Dissolution of Assets and Funds       
    • Payment to Bethany Lutheran College will come from existing CCTV funds until said revenues are insufficient to pay the quarterly contract amount. At the time funds become insufficient to pay the quarterly payment; the remaining balance owed for the most recent quarterly billing will be divided on a per capita basis and paid from both cities.
    • The City of Mankato shall conduct a standard RFP process for the building located at 101 Vine Street and dispose of all remaining equipment and property. All revenue from the sale shall be divided on a per capita basis and used to fund both cities share of the contract.  This is the same process that was used for the fire station.  All equipment deemed useable for KTV, has been transferred to the operations at Bethany.
The public open house for KTV is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at KTV station, Bethany Lutheran College.

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