Resolutions Report Run Date: 05/23/19
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City Council Regular Meeting
06/18/2018 ____Reso repealing Reso. No. 33-16, accepting the revised amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying to County Auditor. 
19-18 Signed Reso
06/18/2018 ____Reso repealing Reso. 45-17, and accepting the revised amount and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies. 
20-20 Signed Reso
06/18/2018 ___ Reso recognizing and commending the 2018 Lorain International Princesses and the Lorain International Association.
18-18 Signed Reso
07/02/2018 ____Reso recognzing and declaring the month of "September" as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Lorain, Ohio. 
21-18 Signed Reso
07/02/2018 ____ Reso proclaiming Lorain, OH as a welcoming and safe community for all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions. 
22-18 Signed Reso
07/16/2018 ____Reso. repealing Reso. 12-18, the resolution of necessity for the Baldwin Avenue storm improvement project as the scope of the project has been reassessed and changed. 
23-18 Signed Reso
07/16/2018 ____Reso. declaring it necessary to improve sidewalks at 331 Alexander Ave. in the City of Lorain, OH
24-18 Signed Reso
10/01/2018 ____Reso. approving the termination of the Cultural Project Cooperative Use Agrmt. entered into by the State of Ohio, acting through and by the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission & Lorain Civic Center Committee LLC.
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01/07/2019 ____Reso. authorizing the Treasurer to conduct an amnesty program to encourage the payment of delinquent income tax accounts. 
Resolution- Tax Dept. Amnesty Program

City Council Special Call/Committee Meeting
06/04/2018 ____Reso. joining with LC Commissioners in declaring June 15, 2018, as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in the City of Lorain. 
17-18 Signed Reso

Public Hearing with City Council Regular Meeting
12/17/2018 ____ Reso. amending Reso #20-17, Section 2, by modifying the project estimate and local matching funds for the Bicycle Lane Improvement Project.