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Meeting Date: 06/19/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation of the Gosling Road Sports Field Complex concept plan and budget;
$6,065,338.40 currently remains in the Recreation Facilities Development Capital Budget, including the design/engineering fees to LJA.   $66,400 is anticipated to be needed for all-weather turf consultant fees and additional testing. 

Since the cost estimates were developed in 2012 there have been significant increases in construction costs due to the cost of materials (cement and steel) and labor. An initial estimate based off of the 2012 estimated was presented to the Board at their March 2014 meeting which placed the cost between $6.8 million  (for 5 all-weather turf fields) to $4.2 million (for 5 natural grass fields) inclusive of design fees (5%), contingency (5%) and various site amenities. Estimated annual maintenance and operating cost for this facility depends on the configuration and types of fields and ranges from $62,787 if all of the fields are all-weather turf to $201,533.50 if all of the fields are natural grass. 

LJA has prepared two Alternate Site Plans for consideration (Attachment A) and they and staff have now prepared cost estimates based upon actual field conditions and prepared five options for each Alternate Site Plan depending upon how many all-weather turf fields are desired.  The costs range from a low of $4,074,360 for Alternative A with all natural grass fields, to a high of $6,038,133 for Alternative B with one natural grass field and four all-weather turf fields.  Ten cost estimates have been prepared, five for each Site Plan Alternative (Attachment B) and summarized in the table below:

Alternate Site Plan Option 1: 4 AWT & 1 Grass Option 2: 3 AWT & 2 Grass Option 3: 2 AWT & 3 Grass Option 4: 1 AWT & 4 Grass Option 5: All Grass
A $5,980,404 $5,509,012 $5,030,795 $4,552,577 $4,074,360
B $6,038,133 $5,566,741 $5,088,524 $4,610,306 $4,132,089

All cost estimates for the  Options for both Alternate Site Plans are within the available balance in the Capital Budget for the project. All options include a 5% Contingency amount.   The construction costs estimates would leave a balance in the Recreation Facilities Development Capital Budget from a low of $27,205 to a high of $1,990,978.

Staff is recommending Alternate Site Plan B, Option 2, estimated to cost $5,566,741.  The estimate includes a contingency of $261,921.  The remainder of the Capital Budget could be considered additional Contingency, bringing the Contingency amount to $760,518 or 13.6%. 
The Board of Directors received an update and presentation on the development of the Gosling Road Sports Park concept and engineering services at the March 20, 2014 meeting.  The Board approved the Concept Plan for developing five multi-purpose fields, parking lot, restroom/concession stand and site features and approved a professional services agreement with LJA Engineering and authorized LJA and staff to complete the design, specifications and bidding, unless the project is substantially impacted due to environmental conditions. 

Now that the Environmental Assessment/wetland study, survey and geotechnical analysis have been completed, providing a basis for the actual site conditions, LJA Engineering has developed two Site Plan configuration Alternates (Attachment A). Both alternatives consider the identified wet lands and are designed so that there is  minimal impact and limited federal and state requirements for mitigation. LJA and staff do not believe the project is substantially impacted due to these conditions, but as the Concept Plan includes land beyond the property line of the Township's tract on property provided through an easement from The Woodlands Land Development Company, staff believed a review by the Board is warranted.  Contingent upon the Board's approval of the easement, each plan option contains the same base level of amenities: five (5) multi purpose fields, 45 car parking lot, restroom/concession complex, pathways and trails around and through the complex and site amenities (playground, shelter, benches, bleachers, awnings, water fountains, signage. The primary difference between Alternative A and Alternative B is the location of the parking lot and restrooms.  Staff has identified some potential positives and challenges with each site:
Alternate Site Plan Positives Challenges
A • Reduced cost as opposed to Alternate B • On site parking and restroom complex is not centralized. Long walk for users of the western fields.
B • On site parking and restroom complex centralized
• Moves field further away from creek
• Additional space for future passive and active recreation amenities
• Additional cost related to moving restroom and parking to higher ground
• Cost to extend culvert on southern field
Staff does not recommend any large investment of improvements on the property subject to the easement, such as all-weather turf fields, as while there is no known development potential of the easement tract and it is not anticipated that the easement will be terminated, the easement could be terminated with six months notice.

As Site Plan Alternate B provides a more central loctation for the restrooms, concession stand and parking, staff recommends Alternate B with Option 2.  Option 2 would provide three fields in close proximity to one another which would be the all-weather turf fields, providing better synergy and efficeincy of operations and play managment. 

It is believed that money and time can be saved by bidding the project in two phases.  With Board approval, LJA can complete relatively quickly the drawings and bid specifications for clearing and grading of the site (Phase I ) for an award of bid consideration by the Board in August. Concurrently, construction documents and specifications would be prepared for the remainder of the project (Phase II) and be bid for an award of bid consideration by the Board in November.   This approach provides for a projected completion date of Fall of 2015 - a 12 month project construction schedule.
It is recommended to move forward with Site Plan Alternate B, Option 2 (3 all-weather turf fields and 2 natural grass fields ) and proceed with  two phases of bidding: Phase I - clearing and grading and Phase II - the rest of the project. 

Attachment A - Gosling Road Sports Park Site Plan Alternates
Attachment B - Gosling Road Sports Park Financial Options


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