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Meeting Date: 04/21/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon the award of bid for 75 replacement Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus units;
 $478,198.35, approved in the 2016 capital budget
Approved in the 2016 Fire Department capital budget, is $544,000 for the purchase of 75 replacement Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs). Firefighters are required to use SCBAs anytime that they enter a hostile atmosphere such as smoke, high heat, chemical or low oxygen conditions. Currently the department is using SCBAs ranging in age from 4-21 years. Many upgrades and enhancements have been made in new SCBAs during this time that has improved safety, function and comfort for the firefighters.

In order to determine the best value for the community, as well as the safest, most useful type of apparatus for the firefighters, a committee was formed to research different SCBAs on the market. The committee included firefighters, maintenance personnel and Fire Administration staff. The product evaluations included the following:

• Cost/Value
• Compliance to N.F.P.A. standards
• Performance
• Reliability
• Safety
• Warranty
• Ergonomics
• Interoperability
• Manufacture service and support

Committee members enlisted the assistance of firefighters to evaluate the SCBA under live fire evolutions, harsh physical exercise, and severe hostile environments. After several vendor demonstrations and multitude employee evaluations, it was determined the Scott Aviation would be the best value and fit for our department.

Total cost for the SCBAs, including bottles, face masks and voice amps is $478,198.35. This purchase will be made through the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) government cooperative purchasing program. HGAC’s purchasing program ensures that the costs for these products have already been properly bid, assisting local governments in product procurement. Delivery of the units will occur six to eight weeks from the time the purchase order is issued.
Approve the purchase of 75 replacement Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus units in the amount of $478,198.35.


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