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Meeting Date: 04/21/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a policy for naming of public property of The Woodlands Township;
Currently, the Township has a Gifts for The Community program, in which members  of the public may chose to purchase trees, park benches and like other items to be planted and/or purchased for park placement and have commemorative plaques placed on the item.  This program restricts naming to smaller, commemorative items and does not include facilities or parks. It should be noted that, while The Woodlands has existing commemorative park names, such as Rob Fleming Park, Wendtwood and Mel Killian Parks, these parks were already named at the time the Township received the park property from the developer. 

In the Fall of 2015, some members of the Board had requested that staff develop a draft Naming Policy for Township parks and other facilities.  The thought was to formalize a cohesive naming policy, with established criteria or guidelines and procedures, as well as expand on the current program.  The draft Naming Policy was presented to the Board for their consideration at their February 24, 2016 meeting.  Some members of the Board desired that park or facility naming which commemorates an individual should only occur after the individual is deceased. However, not all Board members agreed on this item.  

Staff has thus included the initial policy draft (as Exhibit 'A'), as well as a revised Naming Policy to include this criteria (deceased) as an alternative option, as shown in the second attachment, Exhibit 'B,' in  the first lines of paragraphs A & B.  A copy of the descriptive brochure of the Gifts for Our Community program is provided in Exhibit C. 

The Board thus may: 

A.  Adopt a Naming Policy which permits naming facility and sub-facilities after those who are living (Exhibit 'A') OR
B.  Adopt a Naming Policy which limits naming facility and sub-facilities after those who are deceased (Exhibit 'B') OR
C.  Choose to not adopt a Naming Policy, but continue to offer recognition/commemoration through the Gifts for Our Community
Naming Policy - Exhibit A
Naming Policy - Exhibit B
Gifts for our Community - Exhibit C


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