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Meeting Date: 04/21/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a draft Request for Proposals for a Park and Ride Mobile Ticketing System (C-2016-0045);
To be determined after proposals have been received. The system equipment is anticipated to be funded via Federal Transit Administration Section 5339 funding (80%) with state transit funding dollars as the local match (20%). Maintenance and administration for the system will be also be funded via Section 5339 funding but at 50% reimbursement. 
The Woodlands Township is seeking to procure a mobile phone ticketing system (MTS) that will be deployed in two  main phases. Further, the system will support The Woodlands Township with future potential partnerships for seamless interfacing and revenue/ridership reporting with other transit agencies in the region with a mobile ticketing system. 
The system must provide secure mobile phone ticketing with both electronic and visual ticket verification. A critical component of the system shall be a variety of security features to maximize the integrity of a visual ticket verification process, to be considered Phase 1. Additionally, electronic verification, to be considered Phase 2, shall be capable of verifying secure bar codes, QR codes as displayed on mobile phone screens. Advanced security features must also be easily visually interpreted in the event fare inspection personnel are utilized to ensure validity and eliminate fraudulent tickets. To the extent feasible, an “open” standards-based system must be utilized. The Woodlands Township’s goals for the system include but are not limited to: 
  • Increasing convenience and improve customer experience through an alternative for paper tickets.
  • Enabling customers to purchase multiple tickets at one time, for multiple people on the same trip (i.e., families) or for trips on different days
  • Providing new fare payment alternatives for customers during special events for paying for transit, parking, and/or said special event ticketing
  • Providing the ability to collect data for improved service planning and marketing efforts
  • Increasing operational efficiencies
  • Strengthening security of fare revenues through the minimization of fraud opportunities
  • Accommodating introduction of potential new products and promotions that result in the absolute increase in total system ridership
  • Providing customer loyalty rewards capability, including but not limited to earning rides and advertising
  • Reduce cash handling in The Woodlands Township’s system
 The Contractor’s scope for the MTS shall include:
  • System design for all software and all necessary hardware
  • Training and documentation
  • On-line tools for use by The Woodlands Township customer service agents
  • System installation, testing implementation, hosting and operation, software maintenance services, and warranty services
Authorize staff to advertise the solicitation.
Mobile Ticketing RFP


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