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Meeting Date: 08/17/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon the purchase of a disaster recovery storage area network;
$50,473,75 in the Information Technology Capital Budget.
The Township maintains a second data center for disaster recovery (DR). The DR site houses duplicate mission critical servers and a storage area network (SAN) of the Townhall data center for redundancy. A SAN stores the data for the mission critical servers. In the event of a service outage at the Townhall data center; staff will be able to maintain operations through the disaster recovery site.

Due to accelerated storage growth, the SAN at the Town Hall data center was replaced earlier this year. As a direct result, the SAN at the disaster recovery site will need to be replaced as well to maintain equal storage capacity; otherwise the data from the Townhall SAN will not be able to replicate the data to the disaster recovery site. This would result in the inability of the DR site to function.

Staff proposes the use of the 2016 Capital Server Replacement budget; which was carried over to the 2017 Capital Budget to fund the replacement of the disaster recovery SAN. 

Staff received three quotes to replace the SAN with a 84 TB Nimble Storage CS 1000 SAN array: Accudata Systems-$50,473.75, Nimble Storage $58,590.28  and Revel Technologies-$68,415.44
Authorize the President/General Manager to execute the purchase through Accudata Systems.


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