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Meeting Date: 08/17/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon a Request for Qualifications and Proposals for an Incorporation Study;
At the Special Board Planning Session on Incorporation on July 26, 2017, the Township Board discussed a draft Request for Proposals and Qualifications for Consulting Services for Governance Planning/an Incorporation Study. At the conclusion of this discussion, the Board directed staff to place this matter on the Township's regular Board meeting agenda for August 17, 2017. 
The attached draft document incorporates Board feedback provided at the July 26 planning session and any additional feedback provided up until the time of posting of this agenda item.

If the Request for Qualifications and Proposals is approved, staff plans to post the document in the bid solicitation section of the Township website and send directly to the identified consultants and university providers, as requested by the Board. As discussed at the July planning session, the governance / incorporation planning process is anticipated to be extensive with multiple professional disciplines involved in the study and analysis process, as such, staff recommends placing ads in a number of publications and also providing direct mailings (to consultants and university departments) to solicit interest in the project. This will take some time as the publications typically take a number of weeks to include in their membership mailing or email distribution.
In addition to posting on the Township website and responding to direct inquiries, staff recommends targeted advertisements and direct mailing as follows.

Placing ads in the following municipal management and municipal planning publications:
  • TCMA - The Texas City Managers Association
  • ICMA - The International City Managers Association
  • TML - Texas Municipal League of Cities
  • The Municipal Planners Magazine
  • The American Planning Association
Direct mailing to:
  • Firms that submitted proposals to the Township in 2011 governance planning process
  • A list of firms and universities as provided by Directors and staff (major public affairs schools in Texas and top ranking schools nationwide)(List to be provided at the meeting).
The timetable for this process must provide adequate time to vet the proposals and to provide interested parties with a good overview of the incorporation planning task. The following timetable is submitted for consideration and Board discussion.
  • August 21 to October 2 
    • Publicize the Township RFP&Q / submit draft RFP&Q to interested parties
  • October 9 (approximate) 
    • Staff will conduct a vendor conference / teleconference regarding the incorporation planning RFP&Q. The purpose is to review the Township expectations of the vendor (as provided in the RFP&Q) and to respond to any vendor questions regarding the scope of the project. I would suggest that participation in this proposal process be mandatory for all vendors submitting proposals in the RFP&Q process.
  • November 10
    • Deadline for vendors to submit their proposal to the Township with their consulting team information.
      • Proposals to include a lead consultant and named team members (firms)
      • An action plan for the study
      • A proposed calendar for completing each part of the study tasks
      • A proposed date for the summary report to be presented to the Board
  • November 13 to November 29 (first meeting of newly elected Board)
    • Staff to evaluate proposals and provide a list of recommended finalists to the Board
    • Board to determine list of finalists
  • December 6
    • Selected finalists to make a presentation to the Board at the meeting on December 6th
    • Board to award RFP&Q or set a future meeting for award
  • December __ (optional special meeting)
    • Award of RFP&Q by Board
Approve the release of the Request for Qualifications and Proposals for an Incorporation Study and to follow the recommended process and timeline as stated above.
Draft Request for Qualifications and Proposals for an Incorporation Study


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