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Meeting Date: 08/17/2017  

Receive, consider, and act upon a contribution from the Montgomery County Emergency Communications District for the purchase of an Information-Wall located in The Woodlands Township Emergency Operations Center;
$9,756.56 located within the 2017 Capital Budget
$87,809.09 MCECD 2017 contribution
Now that The Woodlands Fire Department (WFD) is embarking on state of the art technology to manage mission critical information, quick and concise dissemination of that information is necessary in dealing with emergencies and complicated events. As more and more data is accessible, viewing this information can be complex and difficult to manage.

Managing, sharing, and disseminating information during emergencies presents unique challenges for emergency response personnel.  Tying these sources together onto one viewing platform allows for an effective display of critical information.  The proposed Video or Information-Wall will allow staff in our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Emergency Communications Center to display information received from multiple sources; including the Intelligent Data Portal (IDP).  This feature will greatly enhance our ability to successfully manage everything from everyday incidents to complex, large scale emergencies.

This product will be utilized in WFD’s EOC/Communication Center to provide situational awareness during major events.  Weather information, weather radars, flood control data, news feeds, IDP information, and emergency response data are some examples of the things that can be displayed for simultaneous viewing by all members of the EOC.

Examples of additional data that can be displayed on the I-Wall are:
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • First Responder Radio Global Positioning (GPS)
  • Up to the minute real-time traffic information
  • Freeway/intersection camera viewer
  • Lightning strike layer
  • Wildfire perimeter layer 
In addition, the system will integrate static monitor displays, Communication Center information, and EOC computer workstations. When personnel need to share information from a workstation with other members in the EOC, they can quickly post that information to the I-Wall.

The total cost of this project including installation is $97,565.65.  The Montgomery County Emergency Communication District (MCECD) approved $87,809.09 from its Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) Improvement Program at the District’s July 2017 Board meeting (MCECD Project Contribution Approval Letter attached).  
Approve the purchase and installation of the proposed Information-Wall from MCA Communications, Inc. in the amount of $97,565.65 through the Texas Department of Information Resources- Coop Purchasing, and accept funding in the amount of $87,809.09 from Montgomery County Emergency Communication District.

Attachment A: MCECD Project Contribution Approval Letter
Attachment B:  MCA Proposal
Attachment C:  Texas Department of Information Resources- Coop Purchasing Documentation
Attachment A: MCECD Project Contribution Approval Letter
Attachment B: MCA Proposal
Attachment C: Texas Department of Information Resources- Coop Purchasing Documentation


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