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Meeting Date: 08/18/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a proposal to transfer Township budget funding previously allocated to a 2014 Interlocal Agreement with Montgomery County for signalization improvements to the Township’s Capital Contingency Account (as requested by Director Bass);
Director Bass has requested that the Township Board consider transferring Transportation funds previously allocated for projects in a 2014 Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Montgomery County to the Township’s  Capital Contingency account. In 2014, the Township entered into an ILA with Montgomery County, which specified that up to $1,425,000 would be provided to Montgomery County Precinct 3 by the Township to support intersection and signalization improvements in a portion of the Township. The ILA was approved by the County in February 2014, and had a term of two years. Based on additional engineering analysis, the smart signal technology originally listed in the 2014 ILA between Montgomery County and The Woodlands Township was  deemed not to be feasible. Since the term of this agreement lapsed in February 2016, the proposal is to move the Transportation funding previously allocated to the 2014 ILA in the amount of $1,126,744, to the Township Capital Contingency Account. The following projects make up the transfer amount: 
  • MC ILA – Smart Signal Technology $975,000
  • MC ILA Signal Project at Lakeside and Lake Woodlands (remaining balance) $51,744
  • MC ILA – Research Forest / Grogan’s Mill Interchange $100,000

The only remaining project in the 2014 MC ILA is the Lake Woodlands / Grogan’s Mill Interchange of $100,000, which is currently in the pre-construction stages. The Township’s commitment of funding for this project is proposed to remain in place.
To be determined by the Board of Directors. If $1,126,744 is transferred to the Capital Contingency Account, staff recommends that the motion indicate that the $100,000 in funding for the Lake Woodlands / Grogan’s Mill Interchange remain as a commitment through February 2018, as this project is currently in the pre-construction stages.
2014 Interlocal Agreement


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