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Meeting Date: 08/18/2016  


Receive, consider and act upon a draft Request for Qualifications for Communication Tower Consulting Services (C-2016-0382);
$200,000 is included in the 2016 Capital Budget.
The 2016 Capital Budget includes a project to design and build a communication tower network at each of The Woodlands Fire Department stations. Per the five-year plan, this project is divided into four phases over the years 2016 - 2019.  The first three phases are budgeted at $200,000 each. The final phase in 2019 is budgeted at $100,000.

A communication tower network is necessary to ensure reliable and timely fire station alerting and data communications. The current communication leased-land lines connecting the fire stations are prone to network outages due to technical issues as well as physical cuts and vandalism. The tower network will enhance voice, data and radio communications in areas where radio signals are adversely affected by terrain, buildings and trees. The aerial tower network has an advantage over other transmission methods in that no buried cables can be cut by future construction projects.
Phase I: Develop a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to design the communication tower network; and subsequently produce a Request for Proposals (RFP) to construct the towers and install the communication equipment. The initial build out in Phase I is expected to include Stations 7 and 8. Communication equipment will also be installed on the existing tower at the Central Fire Station.

Phase II: Construct the towers and install the communication equipment at Stations 2 and 4. 

Phase III: Construct the towers and install the communication equipment at Stations 5 and 6.

Phase IV: Construct the final tower and install communication equipment at Station 3.

Approve the release of the Request for Qualifications to design a communication tower network.
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