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Meeting Date: 09/23/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon revisions to the Township Meeting Room Policy and the related Election Policy regarding use of the Town Hall facility for candidate forums;
None applicable
At the planning session on September 17, 2015, the Board discussed the use of the Township’s meeting rooms focusing on candidate forums and election-related activity not permitted under the current policy.
The attached draft policy reflects changes discussed at the planning session. If implemented, these changes will allow the rental of the Board Chambers for candidate or election forums. In order to use the room for such purposes, the Township will require 1) reassurances from the prospective user that the forum is in fact, inclusive of all candidates or non-partisan or, 2) in the case of a bond or election issue, that all viewpoints are represented. The fee for use of the room is proposed to be $40 per hour, which is based on existing room rental fees in the Town Hall facility and the higher occupancy load of the Board Chambers.

Based on the draft policy, the Board is the final authority for granting or denying any requested use of the Board Chambers for political purposes or activities of a political nature, whether the proposed use involves Township or other elections. The Board may consider whether allowing the requested use for such activity creates the appearance of Township endorsement or risks the Board Chamber being regarded as available for public use. Requests submitted to the Board for use of the Board Chambers under this provision will be considered by the Township Board at a regularly scheduled meeting and such application shall be received by the Township no later than two weeks prior to the regularly scheduled meeting date. 

The attached documents include a draft revised meeting room policy, a draft of an application for prospective users of the room for political purposes, and related changes to the Election policy.
If the Board desires to proceed based on discussion at the planning session held on September 17, 2015, adopt the revised meeting room policy, application for prospective users of the room for political purposes and revisions to the Election Resolution (Policy), as included in draft attachments.
Draft Revisions to Meeting Room Policy
Draft Application for Use of Board Chambers


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