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Meeting Date: 07/22/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon the selection of a consultant for the development of a pedestrian and bicycle master plan for The Woodlands Township;
The 2015 Township Budget has $100,000 allocated for professional services to develop a pedestrian and bicycle master plan. The costs to implement any recommendations of the plan or future development of new pedestrian or bicycle facilities or improvements would be identified in the master plan.
The Board of Directors allocated funding in the 2015 Budget for the development of a pedestrian and bicycle master plan. This was an outcome of the 2016 budgeting process during which the Board received resident input/requests for pathway connectors to complete “gaps” in the pathway system, requests to develop trails in the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, and requests to develop bike lanes in the community.

At the May 27, 2015 meeting, at the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee, the Board approved the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services to prepare the master plan. The RFP was developed with input from the Bicycle Advisory Task Force.

At the direction of the Board, the RFP (Attachment A) identifies seven goals for the Master Plan:

1. The Woodlands Township shall have a comprehensive pedestrian-bicycle master plan to guide the planning and development of a network of pathways, hike and bike trails, multi-use pathways, bike lanes and other facilities that encompasses and interconnects the entire Township at total build-out.

2. The Woodlands Township shall have a pedestrian-bicycle master plan that is coordinated with the plans of Montgomery County, Harris County, the Houston Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), The Woodlands Development Company and adjacent communities.

3. The Township’s pedestrian-bicycle master plan shall have design standards that meets or exceeds current AASHTO and NACTO guidelines and Montgomery County, Harris County and TxDOT standards.

4. The Woodlands has Commercial Standards that require that all new developments and reconstruction projects comply with the adopted master plan and the established standards therein, and the pedestrian-bicycle master plan will meet these standards.

5. The Township’s pedestrian-bicycle master plan shall identify existing and proposed infrastructure, open space and linear park corridors and utility and drainage easements, as appropriate, that can be integrated with the pedestrian-bicycle system.

6. The master plan’s outcomes, strategies and recommendations shall benefit all aspects of mobility throughout the community and will not adversely impact automobile traffic or impede or remove existing medians in the roadways.

7. The ultimate goal of the master plan is to guide the development of a comprehensive system of off-road and on-road pathways, bike lanes, trails and other facilities that will safely connect users to key destinations throughout the Township, provide connections to all adjacent communities, provide opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities and encourage safe alternative modes of transportation.

The RFP was released on May 28, advertised in The Villager and on the Township web-site and sent directly to 18 firms known to provide such services. A pre-submission conference was held June 19 and 12 firms attended. Proposals were due June 26 and six firms submitted proposals. A synopsis of the firms has been prepared (Attachment B).

An evaluation team of Township employees have reviewed and scored the proposals using the Scoring Evaluation Form (Attachment C) and Summary below and provided the results and recommendation to the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee at their July 17th meeting.  The Ad Hoc Transportation Committee reviewed the proposals and scoring matrix at their July 17th meeting and recommend that Jones & Carter be selected to develop the master plan.
Firm Score Rank
Jones & Carter 38825.0 1
HDR 35525.0 2
DesignWorkshop 34417.5 3
LandPlan 31530.0 4
Gunda 31397.5 5
Asakura Robinson 29017.5 6
Texas Professional Services Procurement Act, Subchapter A, Chapter 2254 of the Government Code (Act) precludes governmental entities to award a contract for professional services solely based on fee. Staff recommends the Board authorize the President/General Manager to negotiate a professional services agreement and related fee not to exceed the budgeted amount of $100,000 with the recommended consultant.  If the Township and selected firm are not able to agree on a fee, the Act provides the ability to negotiate with a second ranking firm, and so on until a fee can be agreed upon. 
Accept the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee to select Jones & Carter for the development of a pedestrian and bicycle master plan and authorize the President/General to negotiate a professional services agreement in connection therewith in an amount not to exceed $100,000.
Attachment A - RFP Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan
Attachment B - Synopsis of Firms
Attachment C - RFP Evaluation Scoring Form


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