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Meeting Date: 02/25/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon a Sub-Recipient Agreement with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) regarding the Transit Fleet expansion grant for park and ride coaches;
$2,825, 000 over three years. (The Township Board previously approved funding not-to-exceed $3,520,000 for the matching grant requirement). This funding is advanced from the Capital Asset Replacement Account and the "savings"  created by The Township owning the buses will  repay the Capital Asset Replacement Account over a period of approximately 4 years.
The Sub-Recipient Agreement is a result of having successfully applied for funding under the Transit Fleet Expansion Program with H-GAC. The Township originally applied for funding for up to 32 new transit vehicles. Upon award, the Township was awarded slightly less than requested, but was still the only proposal accepted for funding at that time.

The Transit Fleet Expansion Project will involve the Township’s procurement of up to 25 transit vehicles at a total estimated cost of $14,125,000 (80% Federal Share - $11,300,000; 20% Local Share - $2,825,000). Eligible costs are limited to the purchase price of the transit vehicle(s) procured under the Sub-Recipient Agreement. Costs for vehicle procurement, inspection, acceptance, maintenance and operation will not be eligible as part of the Sub-Recipient Agreement.t.
The total reimbursement under the Sub-Recipient Agreement will not exceed Eleven Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($11,300,000). The Township will provide matching funds of at least Two Million Eight Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($2,825,000) toward the completion of the Transit Fleet Expansion Project.
Authorize the President and General Manager to execute the Sub-Recipient Agreement.
Sub-Recipient Agreement Draft


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