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Meeting Date: 02/25/2015  

Receive, consider and act upon an  Amendment to the Donation Agreement with The Woodlands Waterway Arts Council;
Per the terms of the original agreement, carried forward with the proposed Amendment, the Township is responsible for assisting with the installation of the new benches.   The projected direct costs associated with six additional benches should be minimal.

Little ongoing maintenance of the existing eight benches has been required, although repairs from vandalism has incurred costs of approximately $400.00.
In April, 2014, the Board of Directors approved a Donation Agreement with The Woodlands Waterway Art Council for the acceptance of eight art benches (Attachment A).  The eight benches were unveiled in October and have been received very well by the community, businesses and visitors.

In furtherance of its mission to bring a greater awareness and appreciation of the arts to the community, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Council (WWAC), through its community outreach program BAM!, developed the Art Bench Program.  They are a series of artist-created benches, which are and will be featured at prime locations along The Woodlands Waterway.  

The Art Council is now preparing for the next phase of benches along the Waterway - this phase with six benches.
(Attachment B - Art Bench Location Map).  Sponsors for the six benches have been confirmed.  

Similar to the first phase, the best designs for the art benches will  be selected from a competition that will attract artists from around the country and potentially foreign countries.  Each of the bench sites has a local sponsor, underwriting the costs of the project. The Art Bench sub-committee, consisting of WWAC members, representatives/architects of The Woodlands Development Company and Township staff, will review the entries and select three finalists for each location. The sub-committee and underwriters will then select the winning design/artist for each location.  These will be presented to the Township Board of Directors for consideration at the appropriate time.

The amended donation agreement will continue the provision that the Township has sole right to determine which Art Benches are accepted by the Township.
It is recommended to authorize legal counsel to prepare  the First Amendment to the Donation Agreement with The Woodlands Waterway Arts Council, Inc. to provide for six art benches to be installed at Township Locations with the same terms and provisions as the original agreement and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement when finalized.
Attachment A - WWAC Donation Agreement
Attachment B- WWAC 2015 Art Bench Locations Map


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