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Meeting Date: 12/11/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation on the 2014 Resident Survey by Public Research Group;
$35,000 budgeted in 2014 for Public Opinion Surveys
The Woodlands Township traditionally conducts a survey of The Woodlands residents approximately every two years for purposes of obtaining resident opinions of services and for use as a budgeting and planning tool. The survey is used to gauge public opinion of The Woodlands and its programs, including development in The Woodlands, public safety, wayfinding systems, transportation, shopping, dining, and other related aspects, specifically geared to services and programs of The Woodlands Township.
The 2014 survey included most of the same questions as the previous survey to allow trending of the information by maintaining the same questions, to speed the process of getting survey results because it eliminates time spent in approving and testing new questions and eliminates costs related to developing and testing new questions. At the Board’s request, new questions related to mobility and transportation were added to this year’s survey to reflect the Township's new responsibilities in 2014 and beyond.
The 2014 survey utilized several different methodologies as compared to previous surveys. While previous surveys were strictly based on landline phone calls, the 2014 survey also included mail and e-mail surveys, as many people no longer use landline phones. In addition, at the Board's direction, the survey included a sample size of 1,200, a 97 percent confidence level and a + 3 percent margin of error for each village. Also at the Board's direction, male/female quotas were eliminated and renters were permitted to participate. With the variety of data gathering processes used, the vendor was required to provide assurance that there would only be one responder per given address. 
In May, the Board approved development of a contract with Public Research Group (PRG), based on  sample size, confidence level, technology and price, with the total contract price not to exceed $25,750. PRG was contracted to conduct the survey beginning in late July, and completed all surveys and tabulations in November. PRG will present the findings to the Township Board at the December 11 meeting. As with previous surveys, after the results are presented to the Board, the survey presentation will be posted online in the "Reports and Surveys" section of the Township website.
Receive and file the report.


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