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Meeting Date: 12/11/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for vehicles for the Parks and Recreation Department;
$144,000 is budgeted in the 2014 Capital Improvement Project for fleet truck replacement. TML paid a claim for $19,204 to replace another fleet truck that was totaled in a recent accident and the replacement truck was included in this bid.  Therefore the total available funding for this project is $163,204.
The Woodlands Township maintains a fleet of 40 vehicles for the Parks and Recreation Department. The goal of the fleet management program is to keep vehicles for 10 years and/or 100,000 miles. The identified vehicles have reached these limits and have begun to incur additional repair cost ($10,700) over the past two years. Through an evaluation of the current fleet the following vehicles have been identified to be replaced in 2014:

• Unit 32- 2003 Ford F-250- 97,225 miles
• Unit 35 1999 Ford F-250- 102,389 miles
• Unit 49 2001 GMC Sierra- 102,645 miles
• Unit 59- 2003 Ford F-250- 118,492 miles
• Unit 63 2003 Ford E-150 Van- 131,195 miles
• Unit 88- 2014 Ford F250 (replacement for totaled vehicle)

Quotes were obtained through the Texas Buy Board, a cooperative purchasing group for the purchase of five trucks. Chastang Ford is the lowest quote for these three trucks at $133,455, inclusive of the Buy Board Fee ($400). It is recommended to continue with the Ford brand trucks in white to match what was purchased in 2013 to continue the consistent appearance and maintenance routine for the fleet vehicles (Attachment A  - tabulation of quotes). The remaining capital project budget amount will be used towards equipping the trucks with the Township logo, bed liner, tool bins, and  emergency lights.

The units being replaced will be sold at public auction. 
Award the bid for the purchase of fleet vehicles from Chastang Ford through the Texas Buy Board in the amount of $133,455; authorize the President/General Manager to execute the purchase agreements; and declare the existing trucks to be replaced as surplus equipment and sold at public auction.
Attachment A - Bid Tabulation Summary Fleet Vehicles


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