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Meeting Date: 12/11/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for consulting services for the Waterway and Parks WiFi/Public Safety Camera System;
Phase 1: $27,600 to assess and develop an  RFP-N
Phase 2: $13,800 to assist and select a system and installation provider.
Phase 3: $20,700 for project management of the system installation.
Phase 4: $6,900 to secure pole attachment/facility use agreements.
During the 2015 Budget process, the Board identified a Board Budget Initiative (Attachment A-Board Initiative) to develop a Public Safety Camera and Wi-Fi System for the Waterway/Town Center and Township Parks. The Board authorized $30,000 of the existing $350,000 funding for a Request for Proposals (Attachment B) to select a consultant to design the Public Safety Camera  and Wi-Fi System for the Waterway/Town Center and Township Parks.  The selected consultant will develop a RFP-N for the specific camera and wireless connectivity equipment and installation; assist the staff in selecting a hardware and installation vendor. Subsequent to the award of  RFP-N, the selected consultant will serve as project manager during the installation phase and also secure pole attachments agreements with utility providers and facility use agreements.

Although the study costs were funded in the 2015 budget, it is important to note that the initial build-out estimates range from $2 million to $7 million, depending on the coverage area, size and scope of the network and camera system. There are currently no funds allocated in the Capital Five-Year Budget Plan to fund this Board Initiative. Although the purpose of the study is to gather information to develop options for development of WiFi coverage in the Town Center area, the “shelf life” of this study is expected to be limited as technology continues to improve and change. Project and funding recommendations derived from this study will be brought forward in the 2016 budget process.

The scope of work for the consultant would include but is not limited to:
  • Interview all Township departments to define service enhancements, and identify software applications that the departments anticipate operating over the network.
  • Interview public safety agencies to analyze and define public safety camera placements areas.
  • Contact software/hardware vendors to verify compatibility with network technologies and determine bandwidth requirements for software application.
  • Involve Regional Partners.  Regional partners are considered to be those governmental entities within Montgomery and Harris County interested in participating in the Network. 
  • Develop a RFP-N to be released by the Township for the design, construction, implementation of a wireless network and public safety camera system, and associated services.
  • Assist the Township in its review of all proposals. 
  • Solicit the objective assessment of the proposals from the RFP-N review committee and assist in developing a short list of qualified proponents.
  • Assist the Township as the Project Manager for the design, acquisition and implementation of the Network.
  • Secure necessary inputs from the Township, communicate expected applications and network requirements, and ensure that network design is sufficient to meet the needs of the Township, stakeholders, and regional partners.
  • Ensure selected proponent’s applications and end use equipment functions with the network, secure necessary inputs from the Township and work with Township departments as well as application and equipment subcontractors to acquire necessary applications and equipment.
  • Test selected applications and end use equipment for functionality as part of the network and coordinate with Township staff on all trials and tests.
  • The successful proponent will, on the Township’s behalf, negotiate with, any other utility providers, and/or facility or property management companies as appropriate to secure pole attachment/camera agreements.  The successful proponent will meet with the Township and each entity individually.

The Township received two proposals from Shrader Engineering (Attachment C) and STS360 (Attachment D).

Staff evaluated both proposals (Attachment E). Both firms have extensive experience developing and installing camera systems for public agencies; as well as wireless network systems to provide the cameras' network connectivity and public Wi-Fi access; however STS360 submitted the lowest bid.

Award the bid to STS360 and authorize the President/General Manager to execute the agreement.
Attachment A BOD Initiative
Attachment B RFPs
Attachment C Schrader
Attachment D STS360
Attachment E Eval


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