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Meeting Date: 08/27/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of Bid for Clearing and Grading for Gosling Sportsfields Complex Phase I;
$6,065,338.40 remains in the Recreation Facilities Development Capital Budget for the development of the Gosling Sportsfields.  This amount includes fees associated with the design/engineering fees to LJA Engineering  and a to be selected all-weather turf consultant. To date, $42,950 has been spent on engineering fees, soil testing and the wetland assessment. 

Phase I of the project is to clear and grade the area.   The lowest most responsive bid for Phase I was received from  Sonora Construction at a price of $978,576. The pre-bid construction estimate forecasted for clearing and grading was $527,625,  a difference of  $450,951. The cost increase from the initial project estimate is due to the amount of fill dirt (40,682 cubic yards) specified to raise and level the fields. Secondly, the unit cost per cubic yard of fill dirt has increased significantly due to major projects in the local area (Grand Parkway, commercial buildings, etc.). Per the bid specifications, The Township has the ability  to value engineer the project and change quantities bid and by taking these actions LJA Engineering can re-engineer the grading plan to reduce the amount of fill dirt required, which will  bring Phase I closer to the initial projected estimate and budgeted amount for this Phase.  Sonora Construction is aware and willing to reduce the quantity - per the specifications and bid documents, the contractor is required to accept  changes in the number of units.  
The Board of Directors received an update and presentation on the development of the Gosling Road Sports Park concept and engineering services at the March 20, 2014 meeting. The Board approved the Concept Plan for developing five multi-purpose fields, parking lot, restroom/concession stand and site features and approved a professional services agreement with LJA Engineering and authorized LJA and staff to complete the design, specifications and bidding, unless the project is substantially impacted due to environmental conditions. At the Board’s June 19, 2014 meeting the Board  approved the site plan to provide 3 all weather turf fields and 2 natural grass fields and bid the project in two phases- Phase I- clearing and grading and Phase II- the remainder of the project.

A bid (Attachment A) was developed that outlines the responsibilities of the contractor which includes but is not limited to: clearing and grubbing, selective clearing, excavation and back fill, fine grading and tree protection/fencing. In total 18.92 acres of the site will be developed out  of a total of approximately 29 total acres of the Township property and easement. (Attachment B)
A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on July 25, 2014 with five (5) vendors in attendance and bids were due on August 4, 2014. Two bids were submitted (Attachment C) and the bid tabulation (Attachment D) is attached for review.
Staff has checked references for Sonora Construction and they have had no substantial issues with the quality of work, payment, or schedules and several large developers have used Sonora Construction multiple times.

Authorize LJA and staff to value engineer the clearing and grading quantities with Sonora Construction for Phase I of the Gosling Sportfields Complex and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a Construction Agreement with Sonora Construction, for an amount not to exceed $700,000.
Attachment A - Gosling Sportsfields Bid Packet
Attachment B - Gosling Sportsfields Clearing and Grading Plan
Attachment C - Gosling Sportsfields Submitted Bids
Attachment D - Gosling Sportsfields Bid Tabulation Summary


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