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Meeting Date: 08/27/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a request to provide funding for the Veterans Memorial "The Way Home" project;
The Greater Woodlands Public Art Foundation (GWPAF) has requested $81,900 for expenses related to "The Way Home Project" to be funded from the Township's Event Admission Tax revenue.
In April, The Board of Directors approved the Third Amendment to the Donation and Construction Agreement with the Greater Woodlands Public Art Foundation (GWPAF) which extended the amount of time to complete the project and eliminated the required $50,000 one-time cash payment for the ongoing maintenance of the sculpture and sculpture placement area.   The Board deferred consideration of providing financial assistance for professional construction management services until the Board had an opportunity to review and approve the plans and until budgeting and fund raising for the project had progressed further.

On August 4, staff received annual reports/financials for the GWPAF (Attachments A and B), a Way Home Project Cost Summary (Attachment C) and the engineering drawings for the project.  Staff has reviewed the drawings (Attachment D)and provided GWPAF comments, questions and concerns (Attachment E).

GWAPF has requested: "that the board consider making a $81,900 contribution from its share of its Event Admission Revenue. As you know, this money can only be used for cultural and art related projects and the money used, if awarded, will be payment to the artist Edd Hayes for completion of The Way Home Project, exactly what the fund was set up to do. This payment will include foundry costs as well as final payment to Edd Hayes for his work and will insure that the project will be completed for Memorial Day 2015".

Mr. Bill Wingo also indicated that a one-fifth size bronze maquette will be presented to the Township Board of Directors for display at the Township.  The cost of the miniature monument was paid for by a donor who felt the Township should be honored by displaying the monument prominently.  After making the contribution, and the request, the donor passed away three days later.  " It was, indeed, a veteran's last wish that the Township display the maquette."
Board to accept the one-fifith size bronze maquette of "The Way Home" project and to direct that it be displayed prominently within Town Hall, and to determine the course of action regarding the funding request.
Attachment A - GWPAF Annual Reports
Attachment B - GWPAF Interim Annual Report 2014
Attachment C - The Way Home Project Cost Summary
Attachment D - The Way Home Project Drawings
Attachment E - The Way Home Project Staff Review Letter


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