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Meeting Date: 08/21/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a Special Event Permit Application for Team RWB Veterans Day Run;
The facility reservation fee related to this event will be $550.
In July of 2013, the Board of Directors adopted the Special Event Policy and Procedures which stipulates Board approval is required for special event permits for certain types of events that may have an impact to the community and surrounding neighborhoods.

A Special Event Permit Application has been received: Team RWB Veteran’s Day Run (Attachment A)
Date: November 8, 2014. No other race/walk events in the Village of Panther Creek or Research Forest are known to occur on this date, however there is a proposed walk at Rob Fleming.
Description: A walk/run from starting at Northshore Park: right onto Lake Woodlands Dr to right onto Grogan’s Mill Rd, Right on Timberloch Pl, down to Majesty Row turning back onto Timberloch Pl, turning right onto Lake Front Cir, taking a right onto E Shore Dr, left at E Bay Blvd, turning at the end of E Bay Blvd heading back toward E Shore Dr, taking a left onto E Shore Dr, following along the water, right onto Lake Front Cir to pathway along Woodlands Parkway, across Lake Woodlands, right onto E Panther Creek Dr, left onto Pebble Cove Dr, right onto Leeward Cove Dr, left at Harbor Cove Dr, left at Pleasure Cove Dr, right at Leeward Cove Dr, right onto pathway at E Panther Creek Dr, left at Lake Woodlands and back to the Park.
Location: Lake Woodlands, Grogan’s Mill, East Shore, Woodlands Parkway and Northeast Panther Creek
Number of years: 4th year – using the same park & route.
Area Impacted: Village of Panther Creek, Windward Cove, East Shore
Known events at Park / Community: Heart Walk is the week before this event with an anticipated 1,200 participants- using only the pathways. There is one other walk in Creekside Park on this date.
Time: 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Anticipated Attendance: 1,500
Traffic Control Plan: Route is approved by Montgomery County. Applicant is working with Landplan Engineering and the County to finalize the traffic control plan.
Please see Attachment B which includes all events that are classified as Special Events per the Special Event Policy & Procedures for the months of October - December 2014, some of which do not require Board approval per the Policy. Attachment C includes all events at Northshore Park during the months of October and December 2014.
As the Team RWB Veteran’s Day Run is not known to have a negative impact to the community or immediate neighborhoods, and it has occurred in the past with no known issues, it is recommended to approve the Special Event Application as presented.
Attachment A - Special Event Permit Application RWB Veteran's Day Run
Attachment B - Special Event Permit Application RWB Veteran's Day Run Special Event Calendar
Attachment C - Northshore Park Special Events Calendar


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