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Meeting Date: 04/23/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon the installation of sportsfield lighting at select village parks;
No funding is allocated in the 2014 Capital Improvement Fund for sportsfield lights; however, $6.3 million remains in the Recreation Facilities Development project, of which all or some portion has been earmarked for the development of the sportsfield complex off Gosling Road. Total project costs to light the sportsfields at Falconwing and Shadowbend Parks range from $292,900 to $340,729. Individually, Falconwing Park costs range from $173,900 to $224,662 while Shadowbend ranges from $116,057 to $119,000. Operational costs for these parks would increase by $15,000 per year for additional electrical costs and field maintenance due to increased usage. Additonal revenue would be realized which would partially offset the increased operational costs; assuming 250 hours per field (3 fields) at the field rental cost of $15 per hour and the light fee of $30 per hour would equate to $33,750 per year. Return on Investment ranges from 15.5 years to 18 years. There is some potential for a contribution to be made by Texas Rush toward the capital cost of the project(s).

At the March 20, 2014 Board of Directors meeting, Don Gemmell, Technical Director for Texas Rush thanked the Board for continuing the process of the development of the Gosling Sportsfield Complex. In addition, he cited the short term need, prior to the Fall 2014 season, for additional playing time on fields as it will take at least 12-24 months for the Gosling complex to become operational. Mr. Gemmell suggested the Board consider adding lights to existing fields at parks and suggested his organization may be willing to participate in funding of the improvements. Director Bass requested that information be brought back on sportsfield lights for review.

Installing sportsfield lights has been a method in which the Township has expanded the capacity at existing fields during the fall and spring time periods. This approach leverages existing resources (parking lot, fields) to expand the usable periods of time at a relatively low cost. To determine which parks would be best suited for the addition of lights, a matrix was developed which assigns point values based on the following criteria: proximity to homes, size of turf area, parking spots, bathrooms, existing joint parking agreement and classification of park (Attachment A - Park Sportsfield Lighting Matrix). Using this same matrix, the Board approved adding lights at Lakeside Park in 2010, and Creekwood and Harper’s Landing Parks in 2013. Wendtwoods Park had lights installed at the inception of the park (Attachment B - map of all of the lighted Township sportsfields).

The purpose of lighting the Village Parks is not to provide additional time for competition level activities such as high level games or tournaments, but for practice, training and recreation. Therefore, the amount of light levels required has been designed to these standards of play. The standards were developed upon review of numerous other communities light standards including the Fairfax County, Virginia Park Authority, a recognized leader in sportsfield light and community impact. Standards for sportsfield lights in Village Parks include: 110 MPH Exposure C-rated poles, 1,500 watts fixtures, 20 maintained foot-candles on the playing surface and no more than 1 foot-candle 50 feet beyond the playing surface and 60-foot poles. Higher levels of competition necessitate 50-500 foot-candles of surface lighting and up to 100- foot poles. Base information on each park, background on the evolution of sportsfield lights, a sample photometric analysis for Shadowbend and Falconwing Parks and a map to identify the potential impact to residents has been developed (Attachment C). Shadowbend and Falconwing Parks were identified as candidates for lights primarily due to the size of the fields, which provides greater use ability to users of the fields thereby realizing the highest and most effective and efficient use of capital.

Budget quotes from sportsfield light vendors identified in the Texas Recreation and Parks Society Buyer’s guide were solicited. One vendor chose not to submit a quote, but two (2) quotes were received, one each from Techline and Qualite (Attachment D). Both of these vendors have installed sportsfield lights for the Township and the quotes are used to establish a project budget.

As this is an unfunded project of substantial size it is recommended to consider the project(s) during the 2015 Budget process. Upon approval of the project in the adopted 2015 Budget, bids can be solicited and presented to the Board for consideration. This schedule would place the lights into operation in early 2015. It is also recommended to seek a formal proposal from Texas Rush to participate in the funding of the project(s).
It is recommended to consider the addition of sportsfield lights at Shadowbend and Falconwing Parks in the 2015 Capital Improvement Budget.
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