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Meeting Date: 02/26/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon the Voyager Pass;
The 205 Voyager Passes sold in 2013 generated $15,625, of which $8,200 was allocated to Aquatics, $1,217.21 to the Waterway Cruisers, $2,556.15 to the Ice Rink and $3,651.64 to the Boat House. Direct expenses related to the program included advertising and the pass stickers which totaled $1,452.40.  Indirect expenses for staff time required to develop the program and administratiion are not tracked.  
Director Gordy Bunch suggested a new category of amenity pass for the 2013 season.  The concept was to bundle a variety of services provided by The Woodlands Township into one pass.  Subsequently, the Board of Directors approved the creation of a pilot program for 2013 called the Voyager Pass. The initial goal of the program was to provide a discount or an incentive for residents to use five services in the community: swimming pools, Riva Row Boat House, the Waterway Cruisers and The Ice Rink.  Prices were established: Basic Voyager Pass for $75 providing  a season pool pass and three visits each to the Boat House, Ice Rink and Waterway Cruisers; Premium Voyager Pass for $100 providing a season pool pass and 5 rides or visist to each amenity.  

To support the promotion of the Voyager Pass, a marketing plan was created by the Community Relations Department (Attachment A, B & C).

205 passes were sold: 195 Basic Pass and 10 Premium Passes.   Based upon the maximum number of uses available during the season of each amenity, the use levels at each ranged from 10.39% of actual uses for the Boat House to 1.73% for the Waterway Cruisers (Attachment D).  There is no clear indication that the Voyager Passess contributed to the actual increases in participation rates or revenue; however, the return on investment of direct expenses, ROI, would be 10.76.   

Options for the future of the program include:
• Discontinue the program.
• Continue the pilot program using the same price points and amenities.
• Develop two different voyager passes- Pool/Riva Row Boat House and Ice/Cruiser Pass. A new name for each should be developed and a strategy on how to market them should be developed.

As with any pilot program, one year of experience may not be sufficient to adequately evalute the merits of a new program.  And, as there is a relatively small investment/expense related to the program, it is recommended to continue the pilot program for the 2014 season, at the same price and service level.   
It is recommended to continue the  Voyager Pass program in 2014 at the same price and service level as 2013. 
Attachment A - Voyager Pass Marketing Materials
Attachment B - Voyager Pass Marketing
Attachment C - Voyager Pass Newspaper Ads
Attachment D - Voyager Pass Data & Financials
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