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Meeting Date: 02/20/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon annual employee salary increases;
$872,563 which is included in the 2041 Adopted Budget
The Township included projected costs for a 4% increase in general employee salaries in the 2014 budget, and these salary increases are projected to be given to employees on April 1, 2014.

Staff surveyed comparable municipalities and government agencies last year and recommended a 3% base salary increase based on these projections.  The Board asked for additional information, and upon adoption of the 2014 budget, approved the inclusion of 4% increases for employees.  Staff was asked to bring data back for consideration prior to April 1.  Staff recently requested actual data from these comparative agencies, and projected and actual salary increase information is detailed in the table below:
Government Agency Amount Projected Actual Amount Given
Bayton 5% gen, 5% fire, 10% police 0% gen, 5% fire, 10% police
Bellaire TBD 3.5%
Conroe Range from 0-3.5% Range from 0-3.5%
CISD 3.25% 3.25%
Houston 3% gen & police, 1% fire 3% gen & police, 1% fire
JPA 4% 4%
Montgomery County 3% 3%
MCHD 3% 3%
Oak Ridge North TBD 0%
Round Rock 4% 4%
SJRA 3% 3%
Shenandoah 3% 3%
Sugar Land 2-4.5% 2.5-5%
West University Place 3% 3%
The Woodlands Township 4% TBD

The WorldatWork 2013 – 2014 Salary Budget Survey projected salary increases to rise slightly from 3% in 2013 to 3.1% in 2014.
Approve the salary increases which were included in the 2014 Adopted Budget


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