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Meeting Date: 02/20/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon revision of park rules for use of sports fields and signage at sports fields;
Estimated costs for additional signs totals $11,200 and would be expensed from the Recreational Facilities Development Capital Project. 
At the November 2013, the Board re-reviewed Township Order 019-09 (Attachment A)   in regards to rules for the All Weather Turf and the challenges of understanding the layout and orientaion of the playing configurations of the various sport complexes. Since that time, Township staff has continued to work with users groups to understand their needs with operating their respective sport within the rules and facility limitations.
Upon the conclusion of the November 2013 Board meeting, portable side-line mats for between Field 4 & 5 and 1 & 3 were ordered and received and will be installed as needed by Texas Rush or other field users. In addition, the following plan has been developed to address the further concerns of the Board and the community:
Park Map Signs- To aid in informing park visitors of where fields are located within the respective park, three “park maps” will be created and installed at Bear Branch Sportfields and Alden Bridge Sports Park. (Attachment B) Each park map would be located at the confluence of a parking lot section and internal pathway system and contain information such as Township field number, restroom location, other amenities, park rules, emergency contact information. Estimated cost $9,000 (6 signs x $1,500 per sign)
Directional and Informational Signs- It is proposed to add a number of small signs around the facilities (ABSP and BBSF) reminding park users to stay off the turf, especially during events. Having people actively sit/stand to watch an event on the turf will cause compaction of the turf, create un even wear of the turf thus limit the life of the turf. These signs would be drafted with friendly language and multiple signs would be used and may include:
o “Let the players play and the coaches coach- please stay off the turf”
o “To preserve the field, if you are not playing or coaching, please stay off the turf”.
o “To preserve the field, please do not bring food onto the turf”
Secondly, small directional signs would be added in the parks to guide people to various fields once they leave the parking areas. Between the two complexes it is estimated 22 signs would be needed. Please see attachment A for an approximate location of the signs. Cost estimate for this package is $2,200 ($100 per sign)
• All Weather Turf Rule Enforcement- The goal of the All Weather Turf Park Rules is to preserve the quality of the turf and provide a clean and healthy environment. In light of concerns from the public and Board, the Rule will be interpreted as follows:
o During games, practices and tournaments- only players, coaches, trainers, officials, maintenance personnel are permitted on the surface of the all weather turf fields, however after the game, practice and/or tournaments park users may traverse the field as long as all other park rules are adhered to.
Parks and Recreation staff and the various Approved Athletic Organizations who use the all weather turf will be informed of this interperation.

Install signs as identified and continue to work with the public and various user groups to educate them on the Township Order and All Weather Turf Rules.
Attachment A - Township Order 019-09
Attachment B - Proposed Sign Locations


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