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Meeting Date: 05/18/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon approval of bid awards to US Digital Designs for purchase of fire station alerting equipment (C-2017-0299);
Contained within the approved 2017 Capital budget - $103,484
The U.S. Digital IP Designs Alerting System for fire stations connects the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with the fire stations, ensuring that no calls are missed or delayed. The system includes an internet receiver device with radio back up and message board.  The U.S. Digital IP Alerting System provides instant information to the fire station and verification to the dispatch office that the emergency call was received by the assigned fire station. Currently, the dispatcher sends the call by radio and waits until the unit responds to the call. If for a variety of reasons the call is not received, the dispatcher must resend the call causing an unnecessary delay.
Proposal TWFD012 provides for the main station controller for each station.  Proposal TWFD013 provides the accessories associated with the system for all stations.  The amount of accessory requirements for each station is different based on their different size and floor plans.  The total project cost of $103,484 will be funded by the capital budget line item for Computer Aided Dispatch.  $90,000 of the project cost will be allocated from the 2017 capital budget and the remaining $16,284 will be allocated from a prior year capital project carryover for this same line item totaling $21,540.  
The U.S. Digital Designs IP Alerting System works with the Tritech CAD System to provide expedited station alerting for emergency calls, prior to that the antiquated voice alerting was utilized. This allows multiple units to be notified all at once versus units waiting to be dispatched using voice alerting.  Multiple units can be alerted to separate incidents simultaneously which is becoming more frequent in our community.  The equipment will be installed in Stations 3, 6, 7, and 8. The U.S. Digital Designs System is currently in use at Stations 1, 2, 4, and 5.
U.S. Digital Designs provides sole source equipment to utilize information generated by our already installed CAD System.  Once approved, the system can be expanded to the remaining four fire stations in The Woodlands allowing all fire department units to be alerted faster and at the same time when applicable.
In addition to being a sole source provider, USDD was awarded a contract through the Public Procurement Authority through a competitive RFP process, which in turn is offered to members of the ( National Purchasing Partners Governmental Division.  The Woodlands Fire Departmentis a member.
Approve the bid awards to US Digital Designs for the purchase of fire station alerting equipment.  
Attachment A - Bid Proposal TWFD012
Attachment B - Bid Proposal TWFD013


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