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Meeting Date: 05/18/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for the replacement of the Nature Trail Bridge in the Village of Grogan's Mill (C-2017-0151);
The 2017 Capital Improvement Budget includes $250,000 for the replacement of the Nature Trail Bridge.  $18,500 has been spent on engineering services related to the bridge, leaving a balance of $231,500 available for the replacement of the bridge. The lowest most responsive bid was from Millis Development and Construction, LLC. in the amount of $120,524.58.
In May 2016, major storms in the area adversely impacted many facilities in the area including a Township pedestrian bridge located on the Grogan’s Mill Nature Trail pathway. This is the only pathway connection to and from the Grogan’s Point neighborhood in the Village of Grogan's Mill. (Attachment A  -  Bridge Location Map).
Upon review and inspection of the bridge by professional engineers, it was recommended to remove and replace the bridge instead of repairing due to the age and condition of the bridge and the environment surrounding the location. In the Grogan's Mill Nature Trail area, it is not uncommon to have water flowing 5 to 10 feet above the pathway bridges during rain events and as a result one bridge has already been replaced. The bridge that is currently subject to replacement has been designed with the same Helix pier system as the most recently replaced bridge in order to have a better “grab” into the earth versus typical pier footings, which is especially important in areas which are prone to flooding. The Township parks system includes two bridges with the same Helix pier-type design, the Gosling Sportsfields and the previously replaced Nature Trail Bridge, which are holding up well during major storm events.
A Scope of Work for the replacement of the bridge was developed and an Invitation for Bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager and on The Woodlands Township website (Attachment B).  There was a mandatory pre-bid meeting on April 10 with nine (9) contractors in attendance.  Bids were due on April 27, and three bids were submitted (Attachment C).  The results of the Bid Tabulation Summary (Attachment D) are summarized below:

Millis Development Mobill Contractors DVL Enterprise
$120,524.58 $140,496.00 $230,560.00

Staff has reviewed the references of Millis Development which includes working on a number of projects for The Woodlands Development Company and has no concerns about their ability to perform this scope of work.
Award the bid to Millis Development and Construction, LLC. for the placement of the Nature Trail Bridge in the Village of Grogan's Mill in the amount of $120,524.58 and authorizes the President/General Manager to execute a Construction Services Agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 
Attachment A - Location Map
Attachment B - Invitation for Bids
Attachment C - Nature Trail Bridge Submitted Bids
Attachment D - Nature Trail Bridge Bid Tabulation Summary


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