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Meeting Date: 05/18/2017  


Receive, consider and act upon discussion of Montgomery Central Appraisal District election process;

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The Woodlands Township is treated as a conservation and reclamation district for the purpose of participating in the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD) election process. The election is held every two years. While there are five board positions to be filled in this election, the Township can only participate in the election for the Special District candidate. Bruce Tough currently serves in this position. In 2015, Mr. Tough was nominated by the Township Board and elected to the seat by the Special Districts, replacing long-time incumbent Biff Picone, who was nominated by, and also serves as an elected Director on, The Woodlands Municipal Utility District #47.

The MCAD election process has been initiated and consists of three phases.

First, the Township may choose to nominate a candidate. If the Township Board is interested in nominating a candidate for the MCAD election to represent Special Districts, the nomination must be submitted before July 15, 2017. If the Board is interested in nominating a candidate, a process can be defined on how to solicit interest from the community, perhaps using a process similar to soliciting candidates for the DSC, or the Board can simply select a nominee of its choosing. During the 2015 election, the Township Board nominated Bruce Tough as a candidate for the MCAD elections.

Later this year, as the second step in this process, the Township will have the opportunity to casts its votes for a nominee in the Special Districts election. The ballot will include the names of all nominees submitted by special districts. In 2015, The Woodlands Township was eligible to cast 210 votes for one of the Special District candidates. All of the Township’s votes must be cast for a single nominee. The Township’s vote must be cast before August 15, 2017. The winner of this Special District election will advance to the October MCAD election, where all eligible entities will vote in a more complex voting process, which is the third and final step in the process. In the October MCAD election, the Township will be eligible to vote; however, the Township and other special districts will only be able to vote in the October MCAD election for the nominee that won the summer Special District election, regardless of whether the Township voted for this candidate during this initial process.
Attached to this memo are the initial election-related documents provided by MCAD, which include a memo from Chief Appraiser Mark Castleschouldt, copy of the qualifications for an appraisal district director and a copy of the election calendar.
Board to determine action.
MCAD Letter and Calendar


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