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Meeting Date: 05/18/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for Park and Ride Facilities Landscape Maintenance Services (C-2017-0163);
$40,000 is allocated in the 2017 Transportation and Infrastructure Budget for landscape maintenance services for the three Park and Ride facilities. The recommended award of bid will total $33,063 per year. This service qualifies to be reimbursed by FTA 50% under the terms of the 5307 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant. Therefore, the net expense to the Township will be $16,531.50 per year. 
The Woodlands Township operates three Park and Ride facilities each of which have minimal landscaping that requires routine maintenance. Current landscape maintenance service was assumed by the Township in the transfer of the operations from Brazos Transit District. The agreement with BrightView expired and has been month-to-month therefore an Invitation for Bids was released on March 27, 2017, with bids due April 28 (Attachment A).The Invitations for Bids was advertised in The Woodlands Villager, on The Woodlands Township web site and  direct mailed to known contractors. A non-mandatory pre bid meeting was held on April 10 with two (2) contractors in attendance.  Bids were due April 28 and six (6) bids were submitted (Attachment B).  A summary of the Bid Tabulation Summary (Attachment C) is provided below:

  Forever Green A.L. Capital  Maldonado  D&I Lawns  BrightView   Special Touch
Sawdust  $30,000.00   $52,625.00  $20,627.00  $32,680.00  $9,525.00  $10,261.00 
Research Forest  $30,000.00  $52,625.00  $15,009.00  $32,680.00  $8,356.00  $14,860.90
Sterling Ridge  $30,000.00  $71,225.00  $21,970.00  $41,740.00  $15,182.00  $15,817.10
Total  $90,000.00  $176,475.00   $57,606.00  $107,100.00   $33,063.00  $40,939.80

BrightView, submitted the lowest price, most responsive bid.  It is recommended to award the bid to BrightView for landscape maintenance services for a term of thirty-six (36) months. 
It is recommended to award the bid to BrightView for landscape maintenance  services for the Park and Ride facilities as presented and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a service agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 
Attachment A - Park and Ride Landscape Maintenance IFB with Addendum
Attachment B - Park and Ride Landscape Maintenance Submitted Bids
Attachment C - Park and Ride Landscape Services Bid Tabulation Summary


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