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Meeting Date: 02/16/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon a briefing on The Woodlands Waterway maintenance and water quality issues (as requested by Director Rieser);
Maintenance of the water quality of The Woodlands Waterway is defined in the Waterway Maintenance Services Agreement between the Township and The Woodlands Operating Company. Per the agreement, the costs associated with maintaining the water quality is 100% others and not the responsibility of the Township.
The Woodlands Operating Company (TWOC) is responsible for the water quality of the upper canal of the Waterway per the terms of the Waterway Maintenance Services Agreement. TWOC is very aware of the poor conditions of the water and have been working to resolve the problems since last June. 

During the summer of 2016, the water in the upper canal of the Waterway began to experience prolific growth of aquatic vegetation and algae. Beginning early June, the Waterway was treated by the contractor for TWOC regularly, however the algae growth and aquatic weeds continued to adversely impact the motors of the Waterway boats throughout the summer and fall season. The algae is now under control but the aquatic weed, Southern Naiad or Bushy Pondweed, is still a problem. The EPA-approved aquatic herbicide for this weed is effective when water temperatures are stabilized at 70 degrees and the plants are actively growing. TWOC is monitoring the water temperature and will apply the herbicide as soon as it is appropriate.

Additionally, reports of obstructions in the bottom of the Waterway, such as possible silt/sand bars have been received. TWOC advises that they are working with multiple contractors discussing options on removal of the sand build up and are investigating long term solutions to these issues. 
Representatives of TWOC have been asked to address the Township Board of Directors to provide an update on this issue.
Receive the report.


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