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Meeting Date: 05/24/2017  

Receive, consider and act upon a proposal to build out existing office space in Town Hall to accommodate the display of the donated model of The Woodlands and the relocation of CVB operations to the adjacent area;
The original estimate to dismantle and reassemble the large model  of The Woodlands that was donated to the Township was projected at $50,000.  The actual cost to dismantle the model and the wall mounted displays and move them to undeveloped space/storage in Town Hall was $20,790.  Estimates to reassemble the model as it originally existed amount to $30,000.  This does not include costs associated for a separate scale model of the Town Center.  The model of Town Center that was at the Home Finder Center was not donated to the Township as it was relocated to The Woodlands Development Company/ Howard Hughes Corporation headquarters.  The estimate to recreate and construct a model of Town Center as provided by the original model builder is $140,000.   

The original cost estimate to construct  a  public display area in Town Hall for the model was $150,000.  This estimate was based upon approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of display area replicating the round room at the Home Finder Center that the model was previously housed.  Kirksey Architecture was retained for $5,000 to perform test fit space planning for the public display area and provided  several concepts one of which includes office space for Convention and Visitors' Bureau (CVB) employees (Attachment A).  Construction cost estimates for the build out including the additional office space for CVB, exterior signage, potential design fees and contingency is $321,250 (Attachment B) of which $116,760 can be attributed to the relocation of the CVB employees.  The Township's portion of this concept is estimated to  be approximately $204,490.   The Transportation and Infrastructure Department employees that currently occupy most of the area under consideration would be relocated to where the CVB's employees are currently located in Town Hall. 

The original combined project cost of $200,000 was to be  funded by the Township's Cultural Arts Fund, which accounts for the Township's 10% share of proceeds from the events admission tax.  The  balance in the Cultural Arts Fund was $450,129.  $25,790 has been expended on this project to date. 

As this concept plan includes the relocation of the CVB, the Board may consider utilizing funds from CVB to contribute to the project.
On December 7, 2016, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors accepted the donation of the scaled model of The Woodlands from The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC) and approved a budget of $50,000 for the relocation of the model.  The Board also received a tentative cost estimate of $150,000 for the build-out of public exhibit space for the model in the unoccupied/undeveloped area of Town Hall on the south east side of the building with the understanding that when the area was designed and bids are solicited for the build-out, they would be submitted to the Board for consideration.   The plan is to remodel the area to house this display, and potentially a replica of the Town Center model,  and make the exhibit  available to residents, realtors, site selectors, and others such as scout groups and school groups. These displays are part of the history of the community and should be preserved and re-established as an active display. (Attachment C - Photos and Floor Plans)  
The actual cost to dismantle and relocate the model and the related display boards as well as moving additional donated items from the Home Finder Center such as office furniture, reception area furniture, conference table and chairs and other miscellaneous fixtures totaled $20,790 leaving a remaining balance of $29,240 for reassembling the model. 
Kirksey Architecture designed several  test fit floor plans for the build-out of the unoccupied area of Town Hall to accommodate The Woodlands model and a Town Center model.  One floor plan reflects an additional office and work stations and production space that would be utilized for CVB employees (Attachment A).  Currently, the Transportation and Infrastructure Department employees are located in this area and they can be relocated to the current CVB Department area of Town Hall.  As CVB is closely aligned with a visitor's center purpose, it is more fitting for this department be in close proximity to the exhibit area.  Additionally, signage could be placed outside Town Hall and Wayfinding signs could be added on the streets to bring identity and branding for CVB to the facility. 

Based upon the  concept of relocating CVB operations, construction cost estimates for the build-out totals $321,250 with $116,760 being attributable to the CVB portion (Attachment B). The reassembling of the model with upgraded LED lighting components is estimated at approximately $30,000 and funding is available for the reassembly from the previous Board actions allocation.  The  creation  of a new Town Center model has been estimated to be $140,000 and is not recommended at this time. 

It is recommended to proceed with the build-out of the display/exhibit hall area including the relocation of CVB operations with an overall project budget for the build out portion of $321,250 of which CVB would contribute $116,760 from CVB Reserves and the Township allocation to be funded from the Cultural Arts Fund.  It is also recommended to authorize the President / General Manager to approve any related purchasing or construction agreements related to the project not to exceed $321,250 for the build-out and $29,240 for the model reassembly.  
It is recommended to proceed with the build-out of the display/exhibit hall area in Town Hall and relocation fo CVB operations as presented herein and to authorize the President/General Manager to approve any necessary purchasing and/or construction agreements, contracts and purchase orders related to therewith in an amount not to exceed $321,250 and to authorize the acceptance of up to $116,760 from the CVB to offset Township project costs.  

Attachment A - Woodlands Model with CVB Space
Attachment B - Woodlands Model Build out with CVB Relocation Cost Estimate
Attachment C - Woodlands Model Photos and Floor Plans Home Finder Center and Town Hall


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