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Meeting Date: 02/26/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon a presentation on the Bike Share Program Feasibility Analysis;
The Bike Share Program Feasibility Analysis indicates 30 bicycles that would be stationed in five different locations in The Woodlands. Each bike for a bike share program is estimated to cost $4,000 for the initial bike and docking station. The estimated initial capital investment could be approximately $120,000 (30 bikes) with a yearly operation and maintenance cost of $72,000 ($200 per bike, per month). Five year estimates, which include replacing 6 bikes per year (16% of the fleet) total $537,845.45. Funding for the initial capital outlay can be realized through grant funding, however this would take time to apply for and receive. Funding may also be realized through direct dollars being spent by the Township or The Woodlands Development Company or through donations or sponsorships for stations where they are located.
Bike Share programs are being launched throughout the United States and the world in an effort to increase cycling, reduce congestion, improve air quality, and offer residents an active mobility option. The attached study was conducted by staff who reviewed a number of factors for a successful bike share program, and included existing bike share programs around the country in the review.  The study analyzed 24 sites in The Woodlands that have the potential to be included in a bike share program. The sites were reviewed on a variety of measures ranging from ownership (Township, TWDC, Right of Way, Other) to the potential for a site to have a conflict with pedestrians. The five lowest (more conducive to a bike share program) scoring sites include Waterway Square, Town Green Park, the Waterway and Lake Robbins, Hughes Landing- Waterfront, and the Riva Row Boat House.

Information on this program was shared with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council and the Bicycle Advisory Task Force, and their comments have been included in the report and as attachments.
Authorize staff to examine the feasibility of corporate and community sponsors for capital investment of a bike share program, examine vendor(s) of Bike Share programs already procured by another community in the State of Texas and return to the Board once a determination of program cost (capital/operational) are fully known.


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