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Meeting Date: 02/20/2014  

Receive, consider and act upon award of title sponsorshp for Muddy Trails Bash;
The 2014 Recreation Division budget includes $41,000 of expenditures for the Muddy Trails Bash which is offset by $57,750 of revenue in the form of registrations, concession sales and $10,000 for various levels of sponsorships. Revenues from these races assist the Recreation Division in meeting its cost recovery goal of 100%.

The award of this title sponsorship will provide $10,000 to the event for three years and 1,800 water bottles.
The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department produces three annual races: Tri-The Woodlands, 10 for Texas and the Muddy Trails Bash. Two of the races currently have title naming rights sold, whereas Muddy Trails does not. The value to the Township for the naming rights with CB&I for the Tri-The Woodlands is $30,000, whereas the value for 10 for Texas is $25,000. Each of these rights includes sponsorships for parts of the other's races.

The Muddy Trails Bash started in 2008 as a 5K trail race. Since that time the race has turned into a multi-event “Bash” that includes a 5K and 10K trail race, a 2K-9 Fun Run (Dog Event), a 1 Mile Little Muddy Fun Run and the Muddy Bowl, a crawfish cook off event. In its initial year 315 people participated and in 2013, that number grew to 1,516 (total participants). The 2014 event is forecasted to have approximately 1,800 registrants.

The Board established a policy in 2009 in regards to the naming rights of events which stated:
• Request for Proposals for Naming Rights will be publicly solicited for those programs and events that warrant naming rights or title sponsors;
• Naming rights may include exclusivity within the product category;
• Evaluation, qualification and award of proposals will be made in the best interest of The Woodlands Township as determined by the President/General Manager

In 2011, the Parks and Recreation Department solicited proposals for a title sponsor for naming rights of the Muddy Trails Bash at a minimum value of $12,500; however, no proposals were received. A Request For Proposals was developed for the 2014 event with a minimum title sponsorship value of $10,000 per year (Attachment A). The RFP for Naming Rights to the Muddy Trails Bash was posted on the Township’s website, emailed to over 10,000 people subscribing to the Parks and Recreation e-blasts and posted on the individual race's web pages. Proposals were due on January 24, 2014, and one  proposal was submitted (Attachment B). The proposal was reviewed in accordance to the matrix identified in the RFP- (Attachment C). Overall, this proposal will provide $10,000 to the race in addition to 1,800 logo’ed 32-ounce water bottles which would be of benefit to the Township and race participants.

While the President/General Manager has the authorization to determine the proposal in the best interest of the Township, it is recommended for the Board of Directors to make this determination. A draft sponsorship agreement has been prepared (Attachment D).
Authorize the President/General Manager to execute a three-year Title Sponsorship Agreement (2014-2016) for the Muddy Trails Bash to The Woodlands Financial Group for the Muddy Trails Bash.

Attachment A - Muddy Trails RFP
Attachment B - Muddy Trails Bash TWFG Proposal
Attachment C - Muddy Trails RFP Decision Matrix
Attachment D - Muddy Trails Bash draft Sponsorship Agreement


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