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Meeting Date: 12/07/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon approval of the 2017 Fire and Dispatcher Pay Schedules;
The 2017 adopted budget included a 3% general wage increase for employees, and staff was asked to recommend the manner and amount of wage increases for 2017.  The Board approved the pay structure and pay increases for general employees at the October 20, 2016 meeting.  General employees will be eligible for a base salary increase and one-time incentive pool beginning January 1, 2017.
Fire Fighters and Dispatchers have a step pay structure which provides additional pay upon attainment of additional education and certifications.  Additionally, firefighters and dispatchers are eligible for incentive pay if they perform specialized duties such as technical rescue, hazmat or computer-aided dispatch.  Over the years, the rank of firefighter has increased at an amount greater than the Driver and Lieutenant positions, causing the firefighter rank to compress these higher ranks.  A market review shows that while we are competitive in our firefighter rank, we have fallen below the market in the Lieutenant ranks, and compression exists between ranks.  Staff proposes to grant a base salary increase to all Fire Fighters, and use the incentive pool portion to address compression issues between ranks.  Dispatchers will be eligible to participate in the one-time incentive pool along with general employees.
The 2017 Firefighter and Dispatcher Pay Schedules are attached for your review and approval.
The Township’s salary package has been designed to be competitive in order to attract and retain qualified employees and staff believes these proposed 2017 salary recommendations will allow the Township to continue to attract and retain qualified employees.
Approve the recommended 2017 Firefighter and Dispatcher Pay Schedules.
2017 Dispatcher Hourly Rates
2017 Firefighter Pay Schedule


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