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Meeting Date: 12/07/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an appointment of a Township Board Director to serve as a Director on The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1 Board of Directors;
Not applicable.
In 2014, The Woodlands Road Utility District #1 (WRUD) determined that it would increase the number of directors on the WRUD Board to include a director appointed by the governing body of the County (Montgomery County) and a director appointed by The Woodlands Township based on conditions as contained in the attached Amended and Restated WRUD resolution dated August 25, 2014.

In December 2014, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors appointed Director Mike Bass to the WRUD as recommended by the Board Chairman.

During Township Board discussions of appointing a representative to serve on the WRUD, concern was raised over the term of the WRUD appointment having the potential to exceed a Director’s term on the Township Board of Directors. As such, at the time of the appointment, Director Bass agreed to resign from the WRUD Board, if still serving, at the end of his term on the Township Board. As such, Director Bass has resigned his position on the WRUD and the Township Board will need to appoint a Director to serve on the WRUD Board for at least the remainder of the current term, which runs through May 2017.

The WRUD resolution that provides for the Township to make an appointment to the WRUD Board of Directors, specifically states “A vacancy on the Board caused by the death, incapacitation, disqualification or resignation of a director appointed by the governing body of the Township shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the governing body of the Township.”
During discussion in 2014, a question was also raised about the pros and cons of appointing a Board Member versus a staff member to serve on the WRUD. 
  • The WRUD is a governmental entity.
  • The WRUD has the ability to enact a property tax.
  • The WRUD has the ability to issue bonds.
  • The WRUD has the ability to authorize major roadway and bridge projects in the community. 
Based on these factors, it was determined that an elected official would be the most appropriate appointment when the Township Board chooses to appoint a Township representative to the WRUD Board.

The proposed appointments for 2017 will be distributed by the Chairman prior to the Township's December 7, 2016, Board Meeting.
Approve the Chairman's recommendation for appointment to The Woodlands Road Utility District #1 to serve the remainder of the current term, or until a successor is assigned.
2014 WRUD Amended and Restated Resolution


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