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Meeting Date: 12/07/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon consideration of a proposed donation of the Homefinder Center displays by The Woodlands Land Development Company to The Woodlands Township;
It is estimated to cost approximately $50,000 to dismantle and reassemble the large model / diorama of The Woodlands.  In addition, the cost to construct  a  2,000 square foot public display area in Town Hall is estimated to cost $150,000.  The total estimated project cost of $200,000 would be funded by the Township's Cultural Arts Fund, which accounts for the Township's 10% share of proceeds from the events admission tax.  The current balance in the Cultural Arts Fund is $450,129.
The Woodlands Development Company has closed the former Homefinder Center located on Woodlands Parkway and is in the process of leasing the building for office space use. This center was developed many years ago by The Woodlands Development Company to market new development in The Woodlands and this center contains an impressive and extensive model or diorama of The Woodlands along with numerous picture displays. Staff has spoken with representatives of the Development Company and they appear willing to donate the large surface mounted model display along with the photo boards to the Township. The Township has available unoccupied office space on the south east side of the Town Hall building that could be remodeled to house this display and make it available to residents, realtors, site selectors, and others such as scout groups and school groups. These displays are part of our history and should be preserved either as an active display or stored for future use. (Photos attached for reference.)
The cost to dismantle and relocate will not be cheap as the dismantling and reassembly will take considerable effort. If an active display is desired, it would also be necessary to renovate an estimated 2,000-square foot area to house the displays.  The displays can be stored temporarily in Town Hall until the new space is constructed.
As a lease on the former Homefinder site appears to be imminent, it is recommended to take action on this matter and if deemed favorable, authorize the President/General Manager to enter into a donation agreement for the acceptance of the display materials which can be stored temporarily in Town Hall until the new space can be constructed for the display.  The acceptance of the donation would be contingent on the use of the display materials by the Township and would prohibit the Township from selling or disposing of the donated materials without the consent of The Woodlands Development Company.  Staff would recommend that the Board approve a budget allocation of up to $50,000 to provide for the relocation of the display materials and other costs associated with the moving, temporary storage, design services and final installation of the display materials at a Town Hall location.   Although staff estimates that the renovation / construction cost of a Town Hall display site will cost approximately $150,000, actual costs will not be available until the project is designed and bids are solicited by The Township.  If this project is acceptable, staff will secure bids and provide to the Board in early 2017 for consideration.  The entire cost of the project is proposed to be funded through the use of the cultural arts reserve funding held by The Township.

The proposed funding for this project could be allocated from the existing Cultural Arts Fund Reserve which has a current balance of $450,129.
Authorize the President/General Manager to enter into a donation agreement for the display materials, with The Woodlands Development Company and allocate $50,000 from the Cultural Arts Fund to fund costs associated with the moving, temporary storage, design services and final installation of the display materials at a Town Hall location.
Photos The Woodlands Model


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