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Meeting Date: 10/20/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an update on the Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan;
The 2015 Township Board of Directors selected Jones|Carter to provide professional services to develop a pedestrian and bicycle master plan. Jones|Carter presented a draft of the Master Plan to the Board in July with projected costs to implement the recommendations of the plan or future development of new pedestrian or bicycle facilities or improvements in the draft Master Plan.   

Subsequent to receiving the draft plan and extending the public comment period, the Board expanded the scope of  the Jones|Carter Professional Services Agreement to provide technical assistance and preparation of  an application(s) to submit to H-GAC for the upcoming 2017 Call for Projects for the Transportation Improvement Program. The Board identified a short-list of projects to be submitted which has an estimated total cost for design and construction of the preliminary revised list of projects is $11,314,772.72.  It is anticipated that 80% or more of this amount could be funded by grants leaving 20% or less ($2,262,954) for the Township's matching share.
Jones|Carter was the selected consultant to prepare the Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan.  Jones|Carter  presented a draft of the Master Plan to the Township Board on July 21 and the Board directed there to be a public input process conducted in September with anticipated consideration of final adoption of the Master Plan in October.   

Jones|Carter will give a presentation to the Board of Directors at the October 20 meeting regarding the results of the  online public comment period. They have prepared a Background Paper in advance of the meeting (Attachment A). The presentation will include an overview of the revised Plan and significant changes since July, and will introduce a "Frequently Asked Questions" document that may be placed on the Plan's website to mitigate common questions or concerns (Attachment B). The Executive Summary of the Plan is provided as Attachment C and the entire Master Plan will be provided to Directors separately and will be available to the public on the Township's web site. 

It is recommended for the Board of Directors to provide comments, input and feedback on the Master Plan and to schedule  a Public Hearing during the  October 26, 2016 Board of Directors meeting to receive additional resident input.  After that Public Hearing, the Board will have the option to take action on the Master Plan. 
It is recommended to receive the draft Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan and schedule a Public Hearing on the Master Plan during the October 26, 2016  Board of Directors meeting. 
Attachment A - Jones and Carter Background Paper Ped Bike Master Plan
Attachment B - Jones and Carter FAQ Ped Bike Master Plan
Attachment C - Pedestrian and Bicycle Executive Summary


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