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Meeting Date: 09/28/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon matters relating to the Residential Survey contract C-2016-0127;
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors has approved $40,698 in the Community Relations budget for the 2016 Resident Survey, which is used to gauge public opinion of The Woodlands Township and its programs.
The Woodlands Township is currently working with National Research Center (NRC) to finalize the 2016 Resident Survey agreement. Staff is still in negotiations with NRC to assure that the company will be able to fulfill the Board of Directors’ exact requirements that were specified in the RFP Scope of Work. Two key issues remain at the forefront of the contract negotiations:
  • Age Representation – The RFP states that the sample must have representation of 58 percent above the age of 44 and 42 percent below the age of 44 to represent the age demographics of The Woodlands, as well as be reflective of the published average age of 39.8 years old. 
    • NRC advised that mailed survey methodology will not yield response subtotals in the two age categories that equal the stated percentages precisely. They stated that the practice in survey research is to weight data to correct those mismatches as closely as the data allows.
    • Because The Woodlands survey asks about age in ranges (rather than asking residents to write in their specific age), NRC said they will weight survey responses within these ranges, proportionate to the demographic makeup of The Woodlands. NRC advised to keep the age ranges on the survey as it is currently structured as some respondents will leave certain information requests blank making the data difficult to interpret.
  • Data Weighting – To achieve The Woodlands Township’s desire for correct demographic representation as stated above, NRC intends on using a statistical adjustment practice known as “weighting” to achieve the correct demographic proportions in the final dataset.
    • As stated in NRC’s Proposal, the company will use weighting to ensure that residents’ responses to the survey are proportionate to the actual population makeup of The Woodlands. Attached is NRC’s proposed methodology and approach for achieving the appropriate age representation.
Board to determine.
NRC Methodology and Approach for The Woodlands


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