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Meeting Date: 09/28/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon the first amendment to the Trolley Interlocal Agreement with Brazos Transit District C-2015-5683A;
After an administrative review in April 2016, Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) contracted reviewers recommended some minor revisions to the Township's Trolley Interlocal Agreement (ILA), to more clearly reflect the responsibilities of The Woodlands Township and The Brazos Transit District (BTD) in the provision of Complementary ADA Paratransit services. While the provision of this service was understood by reference as services required under the ILA and FTA regulations, FTA reviewers felt it would be beneficial to specifically clarify the provision of the service.

The Board had previously approved an amendment to the agreement; however, it was later determined that the agreement which was amended had, in fact, expired.

Additionally, although the BTD is a direct grant recipient for several FTA other grants, subject to its own FTA review and the ILA is not a commercial agreement with an arms length private sector vendor, contracted FTA reviewers have recommended that the Township's ILA with BTD should include FTA federal clauses consistent with such a commercial, arms, length third party contract. The Township Attorney has prepared the 1st Amendment to the ILA (Attachment A).
Approve the amendment as presented.
1st Amend Trolley BTD-TWT with Exhibits A & B


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