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Meeting Date: 10/20/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of  bid for sound engineering services C-2016-0389;
The 2017 adopted Budget provides $40,000 for sound engineering services which provides sound systems, mixing, speakers, lights, labor and expertise at Township-produced special events.  The lowest submitted bid from Production Experience was for $34,450. However, upon conditioning the bids and checking references, staff is recommending the award of bid to SkyGod in the amount of $39,200 - a difference of $4,750.  
The Invitation to Bid for Sound Engineering Services includes a scope that provides sound equipment, lights, labor and expertise to provide sound systems for Township-produced events such as the 10 For Texas; CB&I Triathlon; Rock the Row; Red, Hot and Blue; Memorial Day; Labor Day; Muddy Trails; Arts in the Park; and Concerts in the Park.  On average, the Township Parks and Recreation Department produces approximately 44 events per year that require sound engineering. 
An Invitation for Bids was developed for sound engineering services for a period of 36 months beginning January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019 (Attachment A). The current contract expires on December 31, 2016 and is held by SkyGod.  This bid was advertised in the Villager (September 7, 2016), posted on The Woodlands Township website and was directly emailed to four (4) known contractors. A pre-bid meeting was held on September 23, 2016 with four (4) contractors in attendance.  Bids were due on October 5, 2016; two (2) bids were received by the deadline and two (2) bids were submitted late and were disqualifed (Attachment B).  A Bid Tabulation Summary has been prepared (Attachment C).
Production Experience submitted the lowest bid of $34,450.00. Staff conditioned the bids and contacted references. Information received from the references of Production Experience indicated that other agencies have had issues with the timeliness of the removal of equipment, leaving equipment in the park days after the event, clean-up after events and poor responsiveness. This is a major concern as after the special events, all equipment must be removed and the facility cleaned up, so that the parks/venue  is available to the public in good order as soon as possible for public use or another special event. Therefore, it is recommended to award the bid to the next lowest responsive, responsible bidder -  SkyGod, with a bid of $39,200, a difference of $4,750.     SkyGod has been a contractor for the CVB & the Township for the past six (6) years and has performed without any concerns.  
Award the bid for sound engineering services to SkyGod and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a contract for these services as approved to form by the Township Attorney. 

Attachment A - Sound Engineering Services Bid Package
Attachment C - Sound Engineering Bid Tabulation


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