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Meeting Date: 10/20/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for custodial/gate facility maintenance services C-2016-0415;
The 2017 adopted Budget provides a total of $205,400 for custodial services and gate opening and closing services: $101,400 - Park Operations; $29,000 - Recreation Division; $35,000 Town Center Operations; $40,000 Town Hall.   The recommended award of bid to the sole bidder amounts to $183,075.
The Woodlands Township contracts for maintenance of 30 restrooms, custodial services at The Woodlands Town Hall and The Woodlands Township Recreation Center, bench cleaning at Town Green Park and Waterway Square and the opening/closing of three park entry gates and the Koi Pond.  Contracting custodial and facility maintenance contributes to the overall quality experience in the parks and recreation system for residents, visitors and facility users.  The current contract with Caring Custodial expires December 31, 2016.
A request for bid was developed on a daily cost basis for a period of thirty six (36) months  beginning January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019.  Over the course of the past three years, a number of new facilities have been added to the Township parks and facilities; therefore, the scope of services has increased from the current contract.  These  include the Gosling Sportfields (restroom and gates), glass and  rail cleaning at Waterway Square and extra restroom servicing on the weekends at the major town wide parks. The current contract with Caring Commercial Cleaning, Inc. expires December 31, 2016. 
The Invitation for Bids was advertised in the Villager on August 31, 2016, on The Woodlands Township website and was direct mailed to known contractors (Attachment A).  A mandatory pre bid was held on September 6, 2016 with seven (7) contractors in attendance.  Bids were due on September 20, 2016 with one (1) bid being submitted from Caring Commercial Cleaning, Inc. (Attachment B).    Staff contacted the vendors that did not submit bids and learned that generally the size and scope of the contract, number of facilities, types of facilities, distance between facilities and known current contract value with the current contractor presented challenges to prospective bidders.
Attachment C is a bid tabulation of the submitted bid and a comparison between the current contracted costs and the cost provided in the submitted bid. An analysis of the current contract unit prices compared to the submitted bid unit prices reflects a 9% increase over 2016.   After reviewing the current prices, the additional services requested in this bid and the submitted unit bid prices, staff believes that the bid provides value at a competitive price, thus it is recommended to proceed with Caring Commercial Cleaning, Inc.
It is recommended to award the bid  for custodial, gate and facility maintenance services to Caring Commercial Cleaning, Inc. and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a service agreement as approved to form by the Township Attorney.  
Attachment A - 2017-2019 Custodial, Gate and Facility Maintenance Services Bid Package
Attachment C - Custodial, Gate and Facility Bid Tabulation


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