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Meeting Date: 10/20/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon a proposal to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to revise policing zones reporting to define commercial zone and subzone areas;
The is no fiscal impact related to this request;
The Township Board of Directors receives a monthly Law Enforcement Report that provides data on crime activity, crime trends and Crime Categories of Note. The data is provided by policing  zones which typically mirrors the geographic boundaries of the villages in the community.  Recently, the Board directed staff to provide additional crime data for the key commercial areas of the community versus residential villages and for areas that are patrolled by Alpha and Omega Courtesy Mounted Patrol (A&0) compared to the commercial areas that are not patrolled by A&0. As the data used to develop the reports is  provided to staff is generated by the law enforcement agencies, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and Harris County Constable's Pct. 4  (HCCP4) will have to provided the additional detailed data.   Therefore, staff has developed a map of  proposed commercial "sub-zones" of the current existing policing zones (Attachment A).  These sub-zones are designed so that the crime data collected from within each sub-zone can be analyzed and compared to the rest of that zone, or to other sub-zones or to sub-zones patrolled by A&O. The proposed sub-zone map does separate the area outside the Township boundaries of Timber Lakes Timber Ridge into its own sub-zone.  It is important to continue to collect and track commercial sub-zone crime data based on the current zone system in order to maintain the integrity of the historical data collected. 

The proposed sub-zone map is provided for Board of Directors input and feedback prior to submitting the proposed map to the two agencies for assistance in providing the crime data by sub-zone.

It is not known if MCSO and  HCCP4 will be able and willing to provided the additional data. 

It is recommended for the Board of Directors  to provide direction on the proposed sub-zone policing areas and upon Board approval, authorize the President / General Manager to submit requests to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Harris County Constable Precinct 4 for the crime data to be provided by the sub-zones.  
Attachment A - Community Policing Commercial Sub-Zones Map
Proposed Policing Subzones


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