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Meeting Date: 01/22/2014  

Receive and consider a presentation of schedules, fees and charges for recreation facilities, pools, programs and services;
The 2014 Aquatic Operation Budget is $2,154,891 and per Board direction 50% of the operating cost is expected to be recoverd through fees (pool passes, punch passes, pool rentals, etc) which equates to $1,077,446. Through the current fee structure and managment of operating expenses, the Parks and Recreation Department has been able to maintain this cost recovery percentage. It is projected that the  2013 cost recovery percentage will be 56%.

Pavilion rental fees, field reservation fees and other facility rental fees are outlined in order 020-09. In 2014, these facility reservation fees  are estimated to generate $303,000, which is allocated to the Recreation Division budget.
Per The Woodlands Township Order Number 019-09, it shall be the responsibility of the President to submit to the Board of Directors, from time to time as appropriate, revisions to the hours of operations for facilities and park user fees. The 2014 proposed pool schedule and pool fees are presented for consideration. Township Order 020-09 establishes the park user fees and requires a public hearing  to be amended (Attachment A).

Historically, the schedule of the hours and days the community swimming pools are open consits of a  pre-season period, a regular season period and/or a post-season period. Not all pools are typically open in the pre- and post-season periods, while all pools are open during the regular season. The pre-season and post-season schedules rotate from year to year on which pools are open per Village to be equitable to all the Villages and areas within the Villages if a Village has multiple pools. In 2013, the Board approved classifing Rob Fleming Aquatic Center as a “townwide” pool which dictates that it is open pre, regular and post season. There is at least one pool in each Village open during the pre- and post-seasons, thus there will be nine (9) pools open during the pre and post season. The primary changes between the 2013 season operating schedule and the proposed 2014 season are:

2013 Schedule
Pre-season: Bear Branch, Cranebrook, Creekwood, Falconwing, Harper’s Landing, Lakeside, Rob Fleming, and Sawmill.

Post-season: Alden Bridge, Bear Branch, Cranebrook, Forestgate, Harper’s Landing, Ridgewood, Rob Fleming, Sawmill, and Wendtwoods.

2014 Proposed Schedule
Pre-season: Bear Branch, Cranebrook, Ridgewood, Falconwing, Harper’s Landing, Windvale, Rob Fleming, Wendtwoods and Sawmill.

Post-season: Lakeside, Shadowbend, Bear Branch**, Cranebrook, Forestgate, Harper’s Landing, Creekwood, Rob Fleming, Wendtwoods and Sawmill.
** Bear Branch will only be open during the week for daily use in the post season; Shadowbend due to the renovation will be open on the weekends.

Due to the addition of Wendtwoods pool as the 14th pool in the community and classifing Rob Fleming Aquatics Center as a Townwide Pool, the rotation that the pools has been on in the past is proposed to be slightly altered. To provide a historical view and a forecast of future years, the following chart iis presented: 

      2014 2015   2016  
Village  Pool Pool Type- Village/Town Pre Post Pre Post Pre  Post
Alden Bridge Alden Bridge Village     X   X  
  Lakeside Village   X       X
  Windvale Village X     X    
Cochran's Crossing Bear Branch** Village X X        
  Shadowbend Village   X        
College Park Harper's Landing Village X X X X X X
Creekwide Park Rob Fleming Townwide X X X X X X
  Wendwood Village X X X X X X
Grogan's Mill Sawmill Village X X        
Indian Springs Falconwing Village X   X   X  
  Forestgate Village   X   X   X
Panther Creek Creekwood Village   X   X   X
  Ridgewood Village X   X   X  
Sterling Ridge Cranebrook Village X X X X X X
** Post season for daily use.              

Other changes proposed for 2014 are based upon the actual calendar:

• Opening pre-season weekend will be May 10 and 11. Weekday use for Bear Branch
will begin May 12. The regular season for all pools begins June 6 as CISD school ends
June 5.

• Post season will start August 25, first day back to school for high school lifeguards.  Post season weekday use will be at Bear Branch Pool August 25 – August 29 and September 2 – September 5. This schedule may need to be altered as the 2014-2015  school calendars have yet to be finalized.
• Bear Branch will not be open on the weekends for the post season. Due to the renovation of the park, Shadowbend will be open through the post season.

• All pools will be open regular hours (either 10am – 8pm or 12pm-6pm) on Memorial
Day, July 4 and Labor Day.

• When the Shadowbend Park spray ground is complete it will be open to the public during non during non-pool times, similar to Sawmill Park spray ground and will be open until October 31.

• Spraygrounds will be open from March 1 through October 31 and operate daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

• Pools that facilitate swim teams, (Lakeside, Creekwood and Forestgate), will be open for post season and not pre-season to lessen the impact on the pool use during home swim meets on patrons when that pool is the open option in the village.

In the continual effort to contain operational costs, pool schedules continue the operational practice to close each pool one day per week for in-service traiing and pool maintenance, three pools will operate on a 12 pm to 6 pm schedule (Lakeside, Creekwood and Forestgate) while the remaining pools will be open from 10 am to 8 pm, including Shadowbend (upon the completion of the renovation project), whose opening and closing times have been modified this year due to the renovation. All pools will have a opening time of 1 p.m. on Sundays. The 2014 schedule continues this approach with the exception of changing Shadowbend to be opened until 8 p.m. due to the renovation (Attachment B - Proposed 2014 schedule).

Pool Fee Schedule

The 2014 Aquatic Operation Budget is $2,154,891 and per Board direction 50% of the operating cost is to be recovered through fees (pool passes, punch passes, pool rentals, etc) which equates to $1,077,446. 

During 2012 & 2013, most parks and recreation fees were reviewed as part of the Parks and Recreation Fee Analysis which was  adopted in January 2013.  With the recent comprehensive review and expecting a 55% cost recovery rate for 2013, no major changes to the pool fees are recommended at this time. 

A change to the classification of Wendtwoods Pool rental from a Tier A to a Tier B pool ($350-Resident/$550 Non Resident) is recommended to recover the cost of the additional staff needed at this facility. Secondly, with the development of a pool pavilion as part of the Shadowbend Renovation, a fee for this new amenitiy needs to be established. As this pool pavilion will be similar to the "River’s Edge"  pavilion at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center, a comparable fee is recommended ($50- 2 hours) - (Attachment C  - Proposed Pool Fees for 2014).

Park Fees
In 2012 & 2013, most parks, pavilion and facility fees were reviewed  in 2013 Parks and Recreation Fee Analysis. No changes are being recommended at this time to the established fees.
It is recommended to accept the  presentation of schedules, fees and charges for recreation facilities, pools, programs and services as presented and to conduct a Public Hearing regarding the proposed changes to Order 020-19 relating to Park User Fees.
Attachment A - Order 020-09
Attachment B - 2014 Proposed Pool Schedule
Attachment C - 2014 Proposed Pool Fees


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