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Meeting Date: 03/23/2016  

Receive, consider and act upon an award of bid for lake and pond maintenance services C-2016-0041;
$143,400 is allocated in the 2016 Parks Operations Budget for contracted lake and pond management. Additionally, $50,000 is allocated in the budget for lake repairs (fountains, and pumps) fish stocking, and other needed repairs.  Based on unit costs submitted by the lowest responsive bidder, the projected annual costs (not inclusive for chemicals or fish) for lake and pond maintenance are $82,044. 
Contracting with lake and pond maintenance company is necessary and beneficial to the Township as it provides expertise in water quality management, aquatic vegetation control, fish stocking and fountain maintenance. Contracting lake and pond maintenance services has been an on-going program that works to ensure proper maintenance and acceptable esthetic values of the Township’s 61 lakes and ponds. The scope of contracted lake and pond maintenance services is based in part on the Lake and Pond Management Plan prepared by Burditt  and adopted by the Board of Directors in 2011. The current contract with Lake Pro expires May 31, 2016.
A request for bids was developed on a per-pond, per year cost, based on the size of pond, plus the cost of any necessary water quality management chemicals including a percentage markup ( Attachment A).   Specified services includes 48 site inspections per year of the lake/ponds and water quality and treatment for aquatic algae/vegetation. If treatment for algae and /or aquatic vegetation is required, the chemicals are billed on a cost plus markup percentage. The contractor is also tasked with ensuring proper fountain maintenance on a monthly basis. The request for bids was advertised in The Villager and on the Township’s website and  emailed to four (4) companies.  A mandatory pre-bid was held on February 25, 2016 with three (3) companies in attendance and bids were due on March 11, 2016.   Two   bids were submitted and one letter declining  to bid but offering to negotiate a contract (Bid Submittals - Attachment B & Bid Tabulation Summary - Attachment C). 
Dallas Aeration submitted a conditioned bid that while it provides a lower per pond  unit cost, provides a lesser amount of total site visits than specified and includes bacteria inoculations services that were not specified.  Their total proposal amounts to  $238,806.  Lake Pro submitted a bid which is the same unit price as the current contract price.  Lake Pro has been selected as the lake and pond maintenance contractor for the past 17 years.  Furthermore, Lake Pro’s bid reflects a 0% increase from the base cost paid currently for the majority of services with a 5% decrease in markups for chemicals and fish stocking.  There have been no issues with Lake Pro’s service or management of the lakes and ponds.  Based on the historical chemical use and Lake Pro's unit pricing bid, the estimated annual cost for Lake Pro's services would be $157,198.

The term of the new lake and pond maintenance services contract is proposed to be 43 months, as opposed to the previous 36 month contracts.  This is  recommended so as to begin  the next contract  at the beginning of the  budget cycle which aides the Township's budgeting process and to solicit bids during the winter months which is a slower time for potential bidders.  
Award the bid to Lake Pro, Inc.for  lake and pond maintenance services for a period of forty three (43) months (June 2016 – December 2019) and authorize the President/General Manager to execute a Lake & Pond Maintenance  Service Agreement.
Attachment A - Lake and Pond Maintenance Bid Document
Attachement B - Lake & Pond Maintenance Bid Submittals
Attachment C - Lake & Pond Bid Tabulation Summary


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